Medicare Appeal Letter and The Brief Sample

When you do not have safe money in your bank account, the alternative for you is to use your health insurance from any provider. Not only you will get treated right away, but also the hospital coverage will be paid without you worrying the rest of it. The tricky thing is there are procedures to all of that. If by any mere bad luck your insurance coverage is denied by an insurance provider, such as Medicare, you will have to opt for an appeal which in this case, you have to write the Medicare appeal letter.

146.Medicare Appeal Letter

What is a Medicare Appeal Letter?

A Medicare appeal letter is an appeal letter directly referred to Medicare, the U.S. insurance provider when you want to appeal against denial to your hospital bill that is yet to be paid. As everybody has their rights in appealing, you need to pursue it if you have evidence to back up your case

How Long for You to Receive Response after Appealing?

The response needed is usually taking 30 days before the insurance provider comes to a result. There is no determinant on how your appeal might get approved. As long as you have strong evidence to reverse the odds in your favor, you have no need to worry about your Medicare appeal.

Procedures in Writing a Good Medicare Appeal Letter

There are lot of content that need to be included in a Medicare appeal letter. Writing all of those without excluding one of them will get you the approval of your appeal. Include all list down below to get you started.

  • Mention the beneficiary’s name
  • Medicare health insurance number
  • Claim number
  • Date of treatment
  • Medical Records

The Sample of a Medicare Appeal Letter

Baffled by something like an appeal letter is natural for us to experience. It is not wrong to have a look at the below sample so that you can begin writing your own letter and get it improvised.

Dear Mr. Dexter

I am writing this letter as my appeal in response to the denial of my insurance claim number 38480405 with the date of service on 26th November 2022. This appeal refers to the surgery performed on me to fix my dislocated bone on both of my shoulders caused by me crushing a motorcycle on the opposite road.

I understand fully the reason my insurance bill was denied by Medicare. Moreover, the specific reason for that is there is an error of code in my treatment records which are used as a documentation requirement to have my hospital bill paid by Medicare. The code is supposed to refer to “S” as in for shoulders. On the other hand, the code in documentation is written as “s” meant for the stomach.

The doctor responsible for my surgery has already put a fix in the code and I urge you to fully cover my hospital bill as I have a full right to that. The corrected code has been attached to the document I attach to this letter.

Thank you for your consideration

Sincerely Yours,


Alexander Negan


That know-how above serves as a guide for you whenever you need to write an appeal letter.

As for a Medicare appeal letter, it will be beneficial for you to use it if you are amid the need to appeal your hospital bill being denied by an insurance provider.

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