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If you often have meetings with clients or employees, it is very important to create a meeting schedule template. It helps you plan the meeting very well. This also reminds you when you will have the next meeting. So, you can prepare everything properly.

How to Write a Meeting Schedule Template

There are many ways how to make a meeting planner template. You can make it with a table, a list, or anything else. Anyway, you have to provide the needed information related to the meeting schedule completely.

Template Blank Meeting Schedule Sample

For example, you can start providing the name of the company at the top of the template page. After that, include some other kinds of information such as date of meeting, place of meeting, start time of meeting and end time of meeting.

Then, it is also important to provide the roles of meeting. You can begin with the name of the host. After that, follow it with the total attendances. Besides that, you also need to provide the name of time-keeper. Other information related to meeting roles are such as note-taker, refreshment, etc.

Below it, you need to provide the objectives of the meeting. There may be some objectives so that you should list them down wholly. The objectives of the meeting depend on the problems. For example, it will talk about new products, marketing strategy, etc.

At the end, it is a good idea to provide the list of agenda. Here, you need to provide the information about the time, item, type of action, and decision required. For example, at 08.00, the meeting starts with introduction by sharing information.

You can also create a weekly or monthly meeting schedule. This template is presented in form of table. To make this, you need to make a title first. For example, you can write “Monthly Meeting Schedule” as the title.

Before you start creating the meeting schedule in a table, you should provide the important and required information. One of them is the name of company or organization. Besides that, it is also a good idea to include “Prepare by”.

To make the table of meeting schedule, you can begin with Date at the leftmost column. On this column, you will need to list the scheduled dates of meeting. For example, you will have a meeting on August 1st 2019, August 5th 2019, August 22nd 2019, and August 31st 2019.

Besides, you should provide the specific time. Here, you can make Time column. For example, the meeting will be held at 09.00 a.m. You also need to include Place column. It informs you where each meeting will take place. In fact, different meetings will take place in different locations.

It is also important to dedicate a column of Other Details. It lets you note any other detail related to the meeting. One more, you cannot forget to include Contact Person. It helps you contact your clients to remember about the next meeting. That is all how to create a meeting schedule template.


Template Company Meeting Schedule Word Doc Sample Template Daily Meeting Schedule Format Sample Template Meeting Schedule Word Format Sample Template Monthly Meeting Schedule Sample

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