Create A Missed Appointment Letter for Who Forgot Their Appointment

Skipping multiple appointments to a professional will undoubtedly cost you wasted time and money. A schedule has undoubtedly been designed to prevent long queues, and a professional has very little free time. Notifying and notifying clients of missed appointments or someone is the right solution to overcome this, and using a missed appointment letter is a good thing to inform them.

32. Create A Missed Appointment Letter for Who Forgot Their Appointment

What to do if you missed a meeting?

If you are on the part of a client or someone who has an appointment with a professional, you should accept the letter and explain the real problem so that you cannot attend the meeting or appointment. Of course, this will give a professional a “bright light” for the appointment’s abandonment.

How do I write a missed appointment letter?

If you are responsible for a professional arranging appointment for many clients, making a missed appointment letter is the best solution to remind some valuable time clients. Here are a few quick steps in making it:

  1. Make an opening greeting and some warm opening sentences at the beginning of the letter.
  2. Use language that is short and clear, not long-winded, and to the point.
  3. The next part can be filled with missed fees and future costs, whether to be charged or not.
  4. Use appreciative words, such as “clients we value.”

Here the sample

There are several examples that you can make about missed appointment letter. The scenario below describes a surgeon’s manager notifying of an appointment waiver. You can also modify the letter according to your needs and according to existing conditions.

Dear Mr. Alex

In this letter, we inform you that you have missed your appointment with the surgeon, dr. Robert. The previous appointment was scheduled for August 11, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. Of course, we as management understand very well sometimes a client has unforeseen circumstances. Following our prerequisites, within 24 hours after the appointment, someone who cannot attend can inform us.

Of course, we are sure that you are aware of the loss of time, moments, and health care that has been scheduled. It also harms us in terms of planning other patients who both require similar care. When an appointment is overlooked, our professional doctor will be unemployed, and that could happen.

You are a client or patient that we appreciate because we prioritize a superior service. Of course, dr. Robert would love to see the progress of the treatment you are undergoing. Feel free to contact our office at (000)-000-0000 to reschedule your appointment or have some questions you would like to ask again. Thank you very much.

Best Regards

John Alex


That’s some explanation and a short sample on how to make a missed appointment letter very quickly. You can minimize the abandonment of appointments by clients or patients.


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