Network System Administrator Resume Sample

Network system administrator resume sample can be used as a reference for those who want to make a resume. As we know, a resume is the first and important document in recruitment process. The resume will be the consideration by the recruiter to accept or deny the candidate. A resume will tell about the personal identity of the candidate. Through this matter, a recruiter will know who the candidate is. In other hand, a resume is also good in order to tell about the skills, achievements and experiences of the candidate. By those three matters, of course the candidate is able to claim their-self as the potential candidate to be recruited. Well, in this occasion, we will talk about the sample of it. Seeing the sample of a resume will be useful to know what to include in writing it.

Sample of Network System Administrator Resume

Demetrius Johnson

88918 Justo Keys, San Francisco, CA. Phone: +1 (555) 881 7781


Federal Network System Administrator

New York, NY

10/2014 – present

  • Designing, documenting and implementing the process of the network service of hardware, software and the database support.
  • Identifying, implementing and configuring tools in order to facilitate the support processes
  • Providing the audit trails of supporting the activities
  • Possessing and applying the comprehensive knowledge of principles, practice and procedures in the field of the server hardware and the software
  • Creating the detailed networked server documentation, including the diagrams of physical, the logical diagrams, the schemes of IP address and the asset management and the design of database
  • Implementing the design of network server, configuring network hardware software and database and setting up end user devices of access
  • Validating the gathered information and identifying the possible opportunities for the network server improvement and implementation
  • Mentoring the junior level personnel and technical complexities of assigned working
  • Developing the plans for implementation, prototype testing and verification

Network and System Administrator

Los Angeles, CA

06/2008 – 08/2014

  • Developing and executing the test plans to support the update of the network project
  • Developing, documenting and establishing the standard operation of the procedures
  • Providing the support for the internal infrastructure of the global network
  • Providing the superior IT support and management of the PC, servers, LAN, WAN, hardware and software application and others
  • Managing the local network including the assignment of IP, the allocation of the VLAN and others
  • Developing the new environment of the virtual server and the program of storage management
  • Monitoring and managing the backups of network

Network System Administrator

Chicago, IL

09/2003 – 04/2008

  • Possessing the working knowledge of the protocols of network
  • Creating and maintaining the detailed server and network documentation
  • Providing the technical support and analysis for the network system and the components
  • Providing the technical support and analysis of the Windows server
  • Managing and implementing the configurations for the server


Washington State University

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science



  • Good understanding of NSX and similar works
  • Support the solution of anti-virus
  • Detail knowledge of the definition, design and the implementation of the network communication
  • Good attention in detail
  • Good communication skills in both verbal and written


Network System Administrator Resume Sample

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