Notice of Lease for Termination from Landlord to Tenant and The Sample

Whether it is a boarding house, flat, or apartment, we will need somewhere to live properly and palatable for a certain period. Often time, we shall turn to a property that has a year-a-year agreement or month-a-month one. As a landlord of a property, you have the job to keep all tenants’ obedience to all rules and playbook. Every agreement must not be breached, and the maintenance of all rooms should be intact. If things went sideways, a landlord might release a notice of lease for termination for you.

23.Notice of Lease Termination from Landlord to Tenant

What is a notice of lease for termination?

Notice of lease for termination is a form of a statement that explicitly explains the need for a tenant to leave the property prompt by the tenant or the landlord. at this moment, we will look more closely at a notice from the landlord. It is not always known the reason behind termination by the landlord. Most of them can give a notice of termination without even having a ground at all. By the time the landlord hands it over to the tenant, they need to move out to other places effective immediately. Nevertheless, even without a ground, they need to give either, a 30-day notice or 14 days based on what agreement they agree upon.

How do you write a termination notice?

Notice of lease for termination written by the landlord is commonly consisted of 3 short elements to sum up its necessity for the tenant. This way the information can neat and precise. Here is a list of what to include in the termination notice.

  • Addresses of property
  • The Date on when the landlord wants possession of the premises
  • Grounds for terminating

What can a landlord not do to you?

Being someone who has the power to terminate you does not mean a landlord can do whatever they want to you. Below are things they could not do to you aside from a notice of lease for termination.

  • Harassing you
  • Terminating you for a discriminatory reason
  • Treating you differently on payment

The Sample of Notice of Lease for Termination

To prevent any undue hardship between a landlord and tenant, the landlord needs to maintain their civil and polite way of writing a notice. Below is a simple sample to start.

Dear, Mr. Swift


Truthfully spoken, it is in my condolences to say that the lease for your apartment is set to expire on 31st August 2020. We have a plan to rebuild the apartment for a new use in regard to new investors coming to decorate it for commercial use.

In addition to that, we are humbly sorry to say that you have not been a good tenant for more than 2 years. Your rental payment was always overdue, damages on utility tools, and noises complaint from neighborhood regarding your wild activities during the night. That is most of the reason to support our decision of ending your agreement.

Fortunately, we will give you a 30-day notice before the termination. We hope you come for the final inspection to check every single remain.

If there is anything you need, you can contact our Melati manager properties on 08293294747 to stay in contact with the progress of the new movement of the properties.

Thank you


Best Regards,


Richard, Landlord of Melati Properties


A little detail regarding notice of lease for termination above should come in handy when a landlord might give notice to the tenant. In fact, that termination notice is truly effective to give a tenant the first warning.

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