15+ Novation Agreement Templates Sample

5 Steps How to Write Novation Agreement Templates

Novation agreement or contract relinquishes the entitlement and responsibility of one party to another. It becomes a legal proof where the staying party, the leaving party & the incoming party agree with the substitutions going on. In this article, we will guide you make novation agreement templates properly.

Templates Basic Novation Agreement Sample


What to Include in a Novation Agreement Template

A novation agreement template should contain some elements. The first element you must include is the outgoing party. It is when one party wants to be discharged from the original agreement’s burden and pass it to someone else. It can also be called as debtor or transferor.

Templates Contract Discharge by Novation Sample

The second element is continuing party. It belongs to the original entities that are involved in the first agreement. When the outgoing party leaves & transfers his or her responsibilities to the other party, this continuing party still remains. Many people also often call this party as the creditor.

The third element you cannot skip is incoming party. It is someone who will bring benefits & burden passed on by the outgoing party. His or her responsibility is to perform the contractual obligations under the new agreement through what is called a novation agreement.

Words of novation become another element you must include. It pertains to the legal clause that states what duties & responsibilities are discharged explicitly by outgoing party & are transferred to incoming party. Besides, words of novation also states contract change which may cause a shift in the dynamics.

Step by Step How to Create a Novation Agreement Template

To write a novation agreement form, you have to follow these steps. Firstly, you should accomplish the agreement prerequisites. So, you may need to set a meeting with all of the involved parties before you start writing this agreement. Then, they can outline the prerequisites of the contract.

Secondly, you will need to set the name of the preamble. In this part, you have to introduce the involved parties wholly. Besides that, you also must describe the particular role they will fulfill in the agreement. Here, you must state the name of the outgoing party, incoming party and also the continuing party.

Thirdly, you can start writing the words of novation. It can be broken down into 2 parts. The first is release where the outgoing & the continuing parties are released from the old agreement. The second is warranty that creates the connection between the incoming & the continuing parties.

Fourthly, you should add the general provisions. It means you must include the boilerplate provisions you choose to fortify the novation agreement. There are 2 common general provisions added. The first is jurisdiction clause whereas the second one is confidentiality provision.

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Lastly, you cannot forget to include the signature blocks in the end of the novation agreement templates. Signatures certify the validity of this agreement. Make sure that the signatures are handwritten, followed by their full names. Do not forget to add their position & company, too.

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