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3 Steps in Writing an Official Receipt Template

In many cases, we are often required to make a receipt. There are many kinds of receipt. One of them is official receipt. It is very important to understand how to make this receipt. Unfortunately, many people still do not know well about it.

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How to Write an Official Receipt

There are some rules that you have to know in writing an official receipt template. You also need to follow some important steps. In this article, we will discuss further about step by step how to make the proper receipt template.

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First of all, you have to compute & collect the sales amount. Here, you need to consider ensuring that you have collected the payment of cash from the customer. If the payment is using check, wait until the check clears before you issue the receipt.

Besides that, you also should consider deducting amounts of creditable withholding tax applicable. Here, you need to ask for a Certificate of Tax Withheld from your customer for every withholding tax deducted.

There are 2 kinds of collection. The first is without creditable withholding tax whereas the second one is with creditable withholding tax. The second one requires you to determine the gross sales amount & withholding tax rate applicable and compute withholding tax & net amount.

The second step in writing an official receipt form is to write down the detailed sale. In this step, you need to write down the customer’s name first. After that, include the customer’s Tax Identification Number. You can leave it blank if the customer cannot provide it.

Then, you also need to include the complete address. In relation to the address, at least you must provide the city of the customer. Next, this receipt also requires you to include the style of business, if applicable. However, you can leave it blank if not applicable.

In addition, you should write down “In the sum of”. It is the narrative of the amount that is collected. The next detail to be included is amount. Write it down in numeric figure. One more, you should include “in full / partial payment for”.

The last step is to breakdown the amount that is collected. On the left side, you can see some boxes. You have to fill them out. The first is Total Sales or Due. This is the total fee or price of the rendered service. The second is “Less: Withholding tax” where it is the withholding tax deducted amount.

The next is Total Payment. Total payment is the amount to be paid by the customer after deducting the withholding tax from the sale. The last is SC/PWD Discount. This is 20 percent discount that is given to the senior citizen & person with disability deducted to the gross sales.

That is all the detailed steps you need to follow in writing an official receipt. Now, you can practice creating a receipt template by your own. Hopefully this guideline can be a useful reference for you all.


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