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Order form is a business form that is designed to provide detailed info for a sale or purchase of services or goods. Order form template is made by a buyer and sent to a seller. It includes many kinds of information. So, if you want to order to buy goods / services, you need to create this form.

How to Write an Order Form Template

There are some data you need to include in the purchase order form. You have to make sure that the needed data are included completely. First of all, you have to make the number of purchase order. Here, you should make a unique purchase number that ease tracking information and transaction.

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After that, you need to insert the date. It is the date you use for the buying order. So, you have to plan it first. Make sure that you insert the right date so that the transaction process will be done well. Here, you need a calendar to plan the date of purchase order.

Then, you should provide the information about the vendor. You should enter the company’s name first. Besides, you also need to enter the address as well as phone number of the company. For example, the company name is Pet Supplier, Inc. and its address is on 654 Animal Avenue, PA 19123.

Next, you must include the Ship To information. Here, you should enter the company’s name & contact person including the address & phone number. Sometimes, the billing address is different to shipping address. So, you must edit the Bill To information.

You should also clearly define the method of shipping & terms info. Here, you should enter the carrier you want. For the shipping terms, include info such as liability transfer, requirements of packaging and also cost. Then, enter the date of delivery when you expect to receive the goods.

You also need to specify the terms & conditions in the purchase order form template. On Ms. Word, you can find suggested terms and conditions at the bottom of the form. Then, type the terms & conditions you want related to the purchase order.

In the purchase form, you also have to indicate the goods you buy clearly. You should add information for every item you want to buy. You have to mention the quantity, the item number, descriptions of the item, cost, and the total. Make it as detailed as clear as possible.

Finally, you have to calculate the total of the purchase order. Firstly, you need to calculate the subtotal. Here, you should add up the cost of all items you enter. After that, calculate the tax if it is applicable. Then, you find the total of purchase order.

That is all how to make an order form template. To make it more interesting, you must find a good template. Besides that, it is also a good idea to add your logo. If you order it for your company, insert your company’s logo on the order form.


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