5+ Order Receipt Template Samples

If you receive a certain service or product from other stores or companies, you will issue an order receipt in exchange for the service or item as well. It signifies a service or item in exchange for a monetary value. Here, we will explain how to create an order receipt template clearly.

Sample Sales Order Receipt Templates


How to Write an Order Receipt Template

Order receipt form serves as an acknowledgement that a service or good has been transferred to the buyer from the seller. There are some rules in writing the template. It relates to the inclusions. To make this template, you have to make sure that the template contains these significant details.

Sample Customer Order Receipt Templates

The first thing you have to provide in the receipt is Date. Date here means when the service has been delivered or the product has already been turned over. In this section, you cannot only mention the date but also the month and the year completely.

After providing the date, the next detail to include in the template is the name of company. The company means the service provider or the seller from which the services or goods have originated or manufactured. If the products are from stores, then you have to state the name of the store.

Then, you also need to include the details of the services or the products which have completed the transaction between 2 parties that are involved. The 2 parties include the seller as well as the buyer. Here, you must describe the services or products’ name and other details.

Next, an order receipt must also include the monetary value or amount of the transaction that is involved. The amount of the transaction should be detailed and clear. You can state it in numbers or words depending on your desire. Anyway, you cannot forget including this detail or information.

The template should include the delivery manner, too. It means you have to describe clearly if it is a pick up delivery or delivered via courier or any other service or transport. In fact, there are so many methods of delivery available today. That is why it must be clear.

In the end of the receipt template, it is very important to explain the terms & conditions. Describe the terms and conditions as detailed as possible. Terms & conditions mean the contract whose clauses are agreed by both parties (seller & buyer) even before the transaction consummation.

Lastly, the receipt template must be signed off. In this section, what has to sign off is the receiver. Even though the receiver is the different person from the buyer, the receiver must state his or her name clearly, not the buyer’s name. Anyway, receiver’s signature makes the receipt template valid.

There are many samples of order receipt template. So, you should make it based on your purpose. For example, you want to make a money order receipt, sales receipt, business receipt, customer order receipt, repair order receipt, etc. Some receipts may need additional information.

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