Patient Termination and the Letter Sample

Seeking healthcare in a medical institution is not posing any difficulties, nowadays.  If you are already registered in government health coverage in your country, you can use that insurance to pay your bill and have your doctors or physicians treat you well. Despite this, there is a good chance you will be legally fired by the doctors through patient termination should the doctors find it okay to discharge you from the healthcare treatment.

167.Patient Termination

What is a Patient Termination Letter?

A patient termination letter is a formal notice to end the doctor-patient relationship due to some circumstances that do not violate the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labour Act or put patients’ health at risk. In most cases, patients violate some conditions such as verbal abuse to the doctors or failed to pay the hospital bill on time forgetting the numerous notices given.

What are the Common Reasons for Discharging a Patient?

About 40% of the patients are discharged due to verbal abuse, and physician also often finds that they dismiss a patient from a medical care from being a drug-seeking individual for about 40%. As long as one of those 2 conditions are met, doctors are eligible to discharge their patients through patient termination.

How do I Write a Compelling Patient Termination Letter?

As skilled as you are in writing a letter, you will need to pay extra attention in writing down details in the patient termination letter. By following all the tips down below, you will be pleased by how it will get you started.

  • Provide details in discharging a patient
  • Attach any medical records or correspondences
  • Give a clear direction for patients to look for other healthcare providers

The Sample of a Patient Termination Letter

As you are filing any supporting documents for your patient dismissal, do not forget to have a look for the letter sample to help you getting the know-how to write it by looking down below.

Dear Mr. Harry

Through this letter, I am informing you of the closure of our doctor-patient relationship and will not be responsible as your doctor. I decide to do this due to some alarming circumstances solely caused by your own action. Please be aware that I will still conduct healthcare treatment for the next 10 days. In the meantime, you will have to look for another healthcare provider to have you treated. Details regarding your dismissal are described below.

Due to your abusive behavior by saying harsh things and allegedly sexually abuse nurses, we have decided we cannot tolerate your actions, anymore. Furthermore, we have given you many notices advising you to take a rehabilitation program to make right of your abusive program which you failed to do so many times.

I strongly suggest you contact our healthcare call centre for any medical records that may help you in the next treatment at other healthcare providers. I wish you a healthy life after this event.

Thank you for your effort

Best Regards,


Dr. Smith


That sums up the details regarding the know-how about the termination letter.

If you feel the need to discharge your patients, a patient termination might do the trick for you.

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