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An invoice is a financial document given to a customer to collect payment. When writing invoices, you need to pay attention to the following basic elements:

  1. Heading

Invoices must have labels that match the purpose. Write the header at the top of the document, for example, “Payment Invoice”.

  1. Invoice identifier

Provide a unique invoice number for each invoice as an invoice identifier. Invoice numbers make it easier for you to archive invoices so you can find them more easily when needed.

  1. List of products and service descriptions

Purchase details are mentioned here. Commercial invoices detail international shipments and list of products shipped. As such, product details are very important for verification purposes.

  1. Summary of fees and other related costs

Write complete cost details, including taxes, shipping costs, and service fees so customers know the details of the total costs they paid

There are two purposes for invoicing. The first is to document transaction details in a concise manner and the second is to collect payment from customers. To realize this goal, here are tips you can follow:

  1. Invoices must be easy to understand

In writing invoices, don’t use difficult jargon. If you really need to include technical terminology, be sure to make additional explanatory notes. As much as possible, use simple terms to the point.

  1. Double-check all information in the invoice

Always include the correct address and contact details of the recipient of the invoice to avoid mis-delivery. The recipient’s name must also be correct.

  1. Apply a flexible payment method

Giving more payment options to clients will increase your chances of getting paid faster. If necessary, provide benefits, gifts, or incentives for customers who pay early / in advance.

All templates are provided in various file formats such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, MS Excel, MS Word (Doc. and Docx.), Apple Numbers, Apple Pages, and PDF. Each template is particularly designed to meet the needs of the sample payment invoice template. If you want to download the template, simply click the download button on each template. Download payment invoice template here.



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