9+ Personal Loan Agreement Templates Sample

Tips To Make Personal Loan Agreement Templates

If you have loan transaction with someone, you may need to have personal loan agreement. Personal loan agreement is a contract that binds both personal individuals. Some of personal individual may include in this agreement are family members, neighbors, colleagues, or even friends. If you need to make this kind of agreement, you can follow the example from personal loan agreement templates.

Templates General Personal Loan Agreement Sample

The personal loans usually done by close people but sometimes it make hard feeling and confusion if there is no certain agreement. With this personal loan agreement template, you can make clear agreement with your partner and when there is one of parties that breach the agreement or doesn’t honor term and condition, you will have a legal right to sue them.

How to create personal loan agreement

Before you write your agreement, it is very important for you to know about the basic term of the personal loan agreement.  Content of this agreement will never make the relation between you and your friend or family destroyed.

Templates Personal Guarantee Loan Agreement Sample

This agreement even make the relationship stay protected because it has clear terms and conditions that will protect both parties related with the loans.

The basic terms that should be added on the agreement are the principal amount or the amounts of money are borrowed. The second is the interest rate. The other thing that also becomes basic of this agreement is about repayment terms.

Repayment terms usually contains with certain date, monthly installment and many other thing that related with date of repayment.

Payment alternative

Sometimes, you may borrow money from your friend or your family but you want to pay with alternative payment. This agreement usually also contains with the alternative payment if the partner or for example you who borrow the money cannot pay with the money.

These good personal loan agreement templates will show the example types of the resources in case of nonpayment. You should write this part clearly in detail. Some content of this part such as adding the additional cost, modify the loan terms and condition, taking something from the borrower is willing to give up, the last is pursuing the legal action if necessary.

This template will help you to create good agreement that make both of the parties feel ease. This kind of agreement has vital function. It will not only help you to get your right but it is also helping you to avoid conflict.

The other important function of this agreement is prevent confusion in the future, promote assurance protects the interest and many more.

Borrowing money or something from your close friend or person will make you get much easiness. However, you should keep your responsibility whether as the borrower or someone who is borrowed.

Templates Personal Loan Agreement Sample Templates simple Personal Loan Agreement Sample

You should not be confused about the content, from, words style and many other aspects about this personal loan agreement. By using the example, you will only need to edit the personal loan agreement templates base on your necessary. Before you sign the agreement, it is very important to check all of the content in the document.

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