5+ Pestle Analysis Sample Templates

A Guideline How to Make a Pestle Analysis Templates

Pestle analysis means an analysis of the environment where a business tends to offer the trade. Some kinds of business need this kind of article. Therefore, in this article we will discuss further about pestle analysis templates. You need to pay attention to it if you want to do this analysis.

Templates for EM PESTLE Analysis 2 Sample


How to Write a Pestle Analysis Template

Pestle is an abbreviation that stands for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental. So, you have to make sure that you include all these factors in your pestle analysis form. Let’s see the explanation of each factor above so that you can make the analysis well.

The first is political factor. For example, it relates to conflicts in political arena, foreign pressure, lobbying, governmental leadership, funding, shareholder & their demands, government changes, and also trading policies.

The second is Economical factor. It may relate to inflation rate, trade tariffs, interest rates, foreign exchange rates, unemployment level, disposable income, general taxation issues, foreign economic trends, local economic situation & trends, and taxation changes specific to services or products.

The third is social factor. Social factors may relate to history, trends, education, people’s working attitude, brand preference, lifestyle change, health, demographics, shift in population, buying access, major world events, consumer buying pattern, ethical issues, advertising scenarios, etc.

The forth is technological factor. It may include communication, information technology, consumer buying trend, consumer preference, licensing, patents, legislation in technological field, associated techs, technological development, global technological advancement trends, etc.

The next is legal factor. Legal factors may be related to environmental regulations, regulatory bodies & their processes, future legislation, current legislation home market, competitive regulations, industry-specific regulations, consumer protection, and employment law.

The last is environmental factor. It can relate to market value, customer values, environmental regulations, management style, staff attitudes, stakeholder or investor values, ecological and environmental issues including national & international.

Pestle analysis form can be made in different formats. For example, it will be a good idea to make it in table. So, you need some columns that consist of the factors we have discussed above. Alternatively, you can write it in lists.

Another option to write this analysis is using diagram. Or you can try to find other alternatives of format. Anyway, make sure that it is easy to read and understand. If you can make it look more interesting, it will be better especially for the readers or the audiences.

Whatever the format you use, make sure that you include all the factors above. This analysis is needed in different kinds of business. For example, you may need to make a business school pestle analysis, university pestle analysis, tourism destination pestle analysis, pestle SWOT analysis, etc.

Templates for EM PESTLE Analysis 3 Sample Templates for EM PESTLE Analysis 4 Sample Templates for EM PESTLE Analysis 5 Sample Templates for EM PESTLE Analysis Sample Templates for pestle analysis 2 Sample Templates for pestle analysis 3 Sample Templates for pestle analysis 4 Sample Templates for pestle analysis Sample 001 Templates for Pestle Analysis Sample 002

There are 4 keys of the importance of pestle analysis template. First, it helps you identify business or personal opportunities. Second, it exposes the direction to your business situation. Third, it helps you avoid embarking on ventures. And, it frees you from wrong assumptions when visiting countries.

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