10+ Sample Petty Cash Receipt

Petty Cash Receipt Template and What to Know Inside It

In every kind of transaction, receipt has an important role to know. A receipt could be said as the evidence of transaction. This simple document could show that the transaction is legal, so there is right to claim. It is the reason why we need to know about petty cash receipt template.

Sample Blank Petty Cash Receipt Templates

The petty cash is the small collection of the on-hand funds that are used for the refunds or the smaller purchase. With the petty cash, of course the more complex in securing the money could be made simpler.

However, here we will talk more about the receipt. Since it is used as evidence of transaction, a receipt should be made in clear detail. Well, there are some matters that you need to know inside it. For those who are curious with it, please take a sit and read some following writings below.

Filling Up the Petty Cash Receipt

As we have said before, petty cash receipt is an important document for the transaction. This document will make the transaction becomes legal and the customer is able to claim a right when there is problem inside the transaction.

Sample Petty Cash Blank Receipt Templates

However, to make a good petty cash receipt, there are some matters that you need to know inside it. The things to include in making this kind of document of transaction are:

  • Receipt number

To make a good petty cash receipt, for the first you need to insider the number of receipt. It is an important matter inside a petty cash receipt because the number should be controlled by the custodian and it is used as the aspect of management.

  • Date of transaction

Another thing to add inside a petty cash receipt is the date of transaction. It is another important matter of the petty cash receipt in order to show the time of transaction. Here, you need to write the detail date of the transaction completed by day, month and year.

  • Detail of recipient

The detail of recipient should be added too inside the petty cash receipt. Here, you need to write about the basic information of recipient, such as the name, address, contact number and others.

  • Amount of payment

Since petty cash receipt is used as an evidence of transaction, to make a good petty cash receipt, of course you need to write about the amount of the money. Here, the amount of payment should be written in numeric and words.

  • Description of use of funds

Another thing to add inside a good petty cash receipt is the description of use of funds. It is an important point inside a receipt in order to make a clear transaction’s detail. Try to make specific use of it.

  • Authorization

To complete the detail of petty cash receipt, you need to make the authorization. Here, complete the document using the signature of two agents of the transaction.

Well, that is all about the petty cash receipt that you need to know. You may do some researches in order to find a sample of petty cash receipt template. With the sample, making this document could be easier to do.


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