8+ Sample Photography Quotation

How to Write a Photography Quotation in 5 Steps

Photography quotation is used to help a photographer list the pricing details to the clients for a particular event to be shot. It keeps your photography business professional and attracts clients to trust your photography services. As a photographer, you have to be able to create this quotation rightly.

Photography Quotation Example


How to Make a Photography Quotation

A photography quotation template consists of some parts that you have to provide. So, it is very important to know the detailed step by step how to write the proper template. To write this kind of quotation, you have to begin with introduction.

In this first part, you need to provide proposal information. For example, you can start with the name of your business. Then, it can be followed with contact details of your business clearly. After that, you also need to include the information about your client such as name, address and phone.

After introduction, you should continue with the description of detailed project. This section is usually presented in a table that contains a list of information about the detail of the photography project. It may relate to what you will provide, what your clients will provide, the location of shooting, etc.

Besides that, this section also describes the deadlines as well as the time of the photography project. Anyway, make sure that you provide this relevant information as clear and detailed as possible. So, it prevents misunderstanding for both photography and your clients. You can see many samples here.

The next information to be included in this quote of photography template is about ownership. In this section, you also have to be clear in describing the ownership of the videos or images that are taken. In this case, you need to discuss with your client and make the best agreement.

To make it clear, you have to be transparent and open with your clients. This may relate to the uses rights in the future. With transparent discussion, it will avoid any issue in the present and future. Then, this quote will also be useful and effective as you want.

Next, you should include the estimated charges. This section must be provided as detailed as possible. In fact, charge is very important and vital. So, you have to mention the charge for each service you provide for the project of photography. Therefore, your clients will not be misunderstood about charge or fee.

There are many types of additional charges or fees that may need to be included. For example, you need to include retouching. Besides, sometimes there are also miscellaneous costs. Taxes are also often charged. And there are still many other possible costs you can add to this photography quotation.

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Finally, you can close this photography quotation with conclusion. Here, you should thank your clients for the opportunity to submit a proposal. You can also ask them to call you if they need any other information related to the project. That is why the contacts provided must be clear and complete.

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