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How to Make Police Report Template with General Key Elements

Crimes can happen at any time of the day and anywhere of the place, we are living in. For every case though, we need to make a proper report of the matter. However, writing one requires one to put lots of important points in. Sure, you can look for a police report template to help you all with the making.

Sample police report template

But if you want to write it on your own, you need to learn how to do so properly point by point. For that reason, we would like to tell you the general key elements to be included in. Let’s get down to it in this chance and pay attention here.

Police Report Template Key Point #1

First things first, we need to start with the report date and time. As the name suggests, it refers to when the report is written. It is not the incident date and time, but it is still important. It is needed for report keeping, yes. However, it can even be necessary for other needs as well. What needs then?

Sample After Action Police Report Template

Making a report not long after the incident provides credibility for the report. Surely, you can’t say the same otherwise, can you? It is just one of the uses of making a crime report template though. There could be any others to add as well.

Police Report Template Key Point #2

Next, you need to continue the incident report template with the incident date and time. It is report telling criminal incidents we are talking about here. The date and the time become some of the most important things that will help from investigating the matter to even finding out who is responsible.

Sample blank police report template 1

So, make sure you write it as precise, accurate, and true as possible. Incident police report has to be so in every point of the template. Of course, it includes this very key point as well without a doubt. Get it written for the best report ever.

Police Report Template Key Point #3

After the date and time, the name of the very person issuing the incident should be written in as well. He/she could be the witness of the incident itself. Police investigation report is more trusted with such a writer too. The fact he/she witnessed on his/her own is true. You can believe that for sure.


It is way more convincing than just random people, right? You can even have the time to interview them further regarding the incident. They could even be the witness in the court if needed. Police report form is just that useful.

Police Report Template Key Point #4

Last but not least you can fill the rest of the form with everything related to the incident. It could be the incident location, nature, and other details necessary to be reported. Writers of the report should write as many facts as they know in. They’ll be of great help for the police investigations later.    Sample POLICE REPORT REQUEST FORM Sample police report template Sample police report template e Sample Police Report Writing Template

Make sure you have all of these key elements included in the police report template. Only then, it would be a proper report to submit for police to use. Other additions may follow as long as they can contribute something for investigation.

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