6+ Sample Preconstruction Services Agreement Templates

Key Elements to the Making of Preconstruction Services Agreement Templates

Keeping legal agreement is something important to be done when it comes to securing one’s business. The preconstruction agreement will come first before the formal contract. So, you will need to learn how to make preconstruction services agreement templates. What’s this form for?

Templates CMR Agreement Rev 3 3 15 Sample

The purpose of this agreement is actually to have specialist to employ contractors for the main client. Between them, an agreement has to be met. After all, they will have to work together to pull the construction plan through. Here are the key elements to be included in the agreement template.

Preconstruction Services Agreement Templates Element #1

First than anything, of course you need to mention the services provided by the contractors. You will have to make everything clear in this agreement. These are what this agreement is all about after all. The services given might differ from one contractor to another for this preconstruction phase here.

Templates GCCMPreconstructionContract Sample

However, as long as everything meets the needs and is covered in the agreement, that would be enough for now. Preconstruction phase service agreement needs careful plan to succeed. That is why you need to agree on something.

Preconstruction Services Agreement Templates Element #2

What come next would be the plans and scopes of the phase. We can’t go without them after all. Plans are there to keep us on the right path toward the goal. Since we know what has to be done one after the other, you won’t waste much of your time and effort. It’s pretty useful, isn’t that right?

Templates Preconstruction Services Agreement Sample

Even the scope is there to keep you in the right range, so you don’t go off track as well. Only then, everything would proceed efficiently and effectively. So, don’t ever forget that we need these key elements in this agreement template.

Preconstruction Services Agreement Templates Element #3

For legal documents like this, you will realize that viability of its ownership is necessary to be there in preconstruction phase project agreement as well. It is to make clear of the ownership and protects especially the owner from any possible claim that might bring disadvantages to him/her. Mark this.

Templates PreconstructionRFP Sample

Also, you need to know that there are responsibilities for the owner too. Thus, this agreement should also have them added in. If there are some things that must be done by the owner, he/she has to be made known so he can do it.

Preconstruction Services Agreement Templates Element #4

We will be hiring the contractor to get the job done here. Of course, we need to pay him for his work. There must be some charges besides the fees to pay as well. So, mention them clearly in the agreement, so we know how much and what to be paid for construction. Don’t put wrong numbers.

Templates SCOPE OF SERVICES Preconstruction Services Sample

Give it another check just in case. Preconstruction services agreement templates will be perfectly made with termination and measures in case there is abandonment done by the owner. The rest of the space can be used for miscellaneous.

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