10+ Prenuptial Agreement Sample Template

Prenuptial Agreement and What the Template Framework Consists Of

There are actually a lot of things that must be taken care of before you are getting married. It is not just about proposing and accepting it after all. Before the marriage, you will have to make prenuptial agreement with your future spouse. The agreement has to benefit both parties though. How to do?

Templates Pre Nuptial Agreement Clauses to Estate Planning Sample

Speaking about that, there are actually many framework designs to try. However, we will explain one design with some points it is made of. Start with sentence that tells the date and the name of both parties below the document title first.

Prenuptial Agreement Point to Include #1

For mutual promises and undertakings, the parties will agree for several things. First, there is disclosure to start things with. This part is meant to show the acknowledgement of both parties about each other’s disclosure and willingness to enter the agreement with knowledge of the matter.

Templates Pre Nuptial Agreements in the Philippines Sample

After all, this agreement can’t be made with either or both feeling forced to do it. After the acknowledgement, the agreement disclosure will have you list all the assets and liabilities of both parties involved. We can continue on then.

Prenuptial Agreement Point to Include #2

Second, there is purpose to follow. Here, both parties will get the chance to bring about specific settlement to maximum extent if they so wished. People have their own thoughts when it comes to the legal rights in their property and estates. Since you get the opportunity, do make good use of it.

Templates Prenuptial Agreement Document Sample

Also, there are cases when a portion of the agreement will have to be determined as void or unenforceable. You don’t need to worry though. On such occasion, the rest will still be in effect as it is supposed to be. It is reassuring, indeed.

Prenuptial Agreement Point to Include #3

Third, there is expiration to concern about too. Of course, even agreement expiration exists in prenuptial documents like this. So, you can limit the claims on the property and set the percentage of expire rate yourself. Think of the percentage per completed year of the marriage to get this done.

Templates Prenuptial Agreement for Mutual Respect Sample

It will be enough for this section of the agreement. Just give it proper consideration to make your decision here. Remember that this agreement is meant to benefit both parties. So, decide on the proper percentage for one in your case.

Prenuptial Agreement Point to Include #4

Last, it will be closed with legal disability. In this case, each party involved is allowed to waive the right to serve conservator of the other’s property. It could even apply to the person owning the property itself. What use of this then? It is to avoid claim assertion for support and maintenance.

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In such case, one party might make it so that it can be paid from the other party’s property. While the other is currently and legally disabled, you need to prevent it at all cost. The disability part in prenuptial agreement is meant for that.

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