10+ Printable Press Release Format

Press Release Format and Things to Think Inside It

Do you ever hear about the press release? Well, it is an important document that will be useful for some fields. The press release has several names, such as the press statement, the media release or the news release. Here, we will talk to you about the press release format.

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Yes, the format of the press release will be useful to help you in making it. However, something to underline in making this kind of document is you need to use the 5W+1H formula. Then, although it has several different name, actually the main purpose of press release is same.

The detail of press release is used by the organization for the target audience. The document will be useful to make a clarification or other matters to make the audiences or targets know what really happening.

Use of Detail Press Release

Well, before talking more about the detail press release format, it will be good when you know the exact uses of the press release. Yes, by knowing the detail function and uses of press release, of course you could be aware that it is an important document.

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There are some uses of the press release that you need to know, as:

  • Introducing a business or product
  • Beginning an entirely new business
  • Reconstructing the detail of company
  • Celebrating the kinds of business
  • Receiving an award inside the business
  • Offering the series of articles in order to publish some news
  • Opening the branches of business or franchises
  • Participating inside the specific event
  • Joining the hands or announcing a new partnership
  • Changing the name of product or the name of company
  • Earning the recognition from the detail of executives
  • Announcing about the availability to show
  • And others

Seeing the long points as above, we may see that actually, there are many uses of the press release that you need to know. The uses of it sign that the press release is important to understand.

How to Write a Good Press Release?

Since the press release becomes an important document, it will be more important when you know how to write it. Yes, there are some points to know as the way to make a good press release. See the points of it below.

  • The beginning

In the beginning of press release, you need to consider the standard template of press release. It could start with the name of the company, the contact number, the email address and others.

  • The headline

After the beginning, the next step in making the press release is writing the headline. Here, the headline is an important point that you need to think. The headline here will be the main element showing reason why person makes the press release.

  • Summary

A line summary about the detail of press release should be written below the headline. The summary here should be very interesting and it should be highlighted by the strong vocabulary.

  • The body

The body tells about the main statement of press release. Here, you need to make a clear statement with the short sentences.

  • Closing

The last is the closing. To make a good press release, it will be important when you make an interesting closing with attractive words.

Well, that is all about the press release that you need to know. You may do some researches in order to find the good press release format to apply.


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