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What Differ One Type of Excel Inventory Template to Another for Use

What do you have in mind when it comes to an inventory? By definition, inventory is simple known for being a stock of goods. If you run a company, it would be a stock of products you produce. You need excel inventory template to help us manage all of that. It’s not something you can do manually.

Excel Computer Inventory Template

Well, you can, but it will take forever to finish. Speaking about this template though, it has different type from one to another. After all, it goes back to what you intend to use it for. There are three types to know of. Let’s see below.

Excel Inventory Template Type #1

First, there is one called transit inventory. We are sure you should have been able to roughly guess yourself as the name suggests. Yes, this type involves none other than transferring goods from one place to another. Let’s suppose you are running automobile manufacturer. Then, there is one to do.

Excel Home Inventory Template

It would be to employ freight consolidator. The transit inventories will be consolidated since they would certainly come from many locations to one source. Recording the goods in excel inventory sheet makes it easy to know them.

Excel Inventory Template Type #2

Second, there is anticipating inventory as well. Once again, this template type can be defined as the name suggests. When running business, people might find the need to store inventories more than what’s actually needed. Even in everyday life, doing something like this always means something.

Excel Inventory Control Template

Yes, it would be none other than anticipation. You can never know what would happen in the future. There might be sudden price increase. When such thing happens, having extra inventories would be of help for the business, for sure.

Excel Inventory Template Type #3

Third, there is the so-called buffer inventory. This type of stock inventories is still related to the previous one before. If we have to put it in simple words, buffer inventory refers to safety stocks. It bears quite similarity with anticipating inventory indeed. Safety stocks mean what you have on hand.

Excel Inventory Management Template

The amount of the stocks would always be above the current demand. They are there to counter something uncertain that might happen in demand and supply. It is some sort of precaution too, so we can be prepared if it happens.


Now that you have known the types of the inventory, you should have been able to determine which one you include in. Just make sure what’s yours first before recording the inventory yourself. You need to make everything clear so the inventory can be properly used for the needs of your company.

Excel Inventory Spreadsheet Template 1

Only then, you can really make good use of this excel inventory template here. Rather than making it manually, everything would be a lot easier and faster with it. It is best for busy businessmen to use, so it is worth trying for sure. All is for the good of the company. Do consider using the template here.


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