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Meeting minutes template is a recorded document used to inform people about what happened during a meeting. Besides that, it also defines the next step that is planned. So, you have to be able to create it. To write it effectively, here are the guides that you have to pay attention.


How to Write a Meeting Minutes Template

If you are a secretary, one of your job is to make a meeting minutes form. If you have never created it before, we will guide you here. In writing meeting minutes, there are many points that should be included so that it can record the result of a meeting.

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First of all, you cannot forget to write the date & time of the held meeting. For example, the meeting was held on 1st of June 2019 and it occurred at 08.00 a.m to 10.00 a.m. So, that information should be provided in detailed wholly.

After that, what to include are the participant names. Here, the participants can be various. It may include the boss, secretary, employees, and clients. You have to be in detailed because some meetings do not include all employees.

Then, you have to provide the acceptance / correction / amendments to the meeting. Here, you have to mention what to accept or refuse in the meeting. So, it is clear about the result of the meeting. It also becomes a consideration for the manager to make a conclusion.

If there are some agenda in the future, you must include the agenda items, too. Meeting minute document also requires you to provide the due dates or calendar of the future agenda. So, the agenda can be done based on the schedule well.

If there are tasks or actions to do as the result of the meeting, you must provide them. Do not forget to share the main points about the discussion in the meeting. The main points can is better to create in form of list so that it can be easily to read and understand.

Then, include the decisions made by all the participants of the meeting in this document. Decision is usually made by voting among the meeting participants. So, resume the decision as clear as possible in this form.

Sometimes, there are some files you need to attach. For example, it can be images, receipt, checks, or other documents. If there is not, so you can skip it. However, you cannot forget any document you must attach because it is very vital.

Finally, you can close this form with the schedule of the next meeting. If the manager has decided to schedule the next meeting, you have to provide it clearly and details. Provide the date / day and also the time of the next meeting.

That is all the guidelines how to create a meeting minutes template. Now, you should be confused again if you have a task to create it. You can follow this format and write using your own skill.



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