Public Relations Marketing resume sample

Public Relations Marketing job description is the position of a job that uses two important points or characters in building succesful business, the marketing and the public relations in order to gain recognition, popularity, awarness, business targets and to provide best service and great quality products in a succesful way.

Public Relations Marketing resume sample

Juan Fernandez

3448 St. Clara, Chicago, IL, 60007, Phone: +1 (312) 755-1009



                                                Chicago, IL

                                                03/2016 – present

  • Experience to handle various events and build the relations between company and partners that can be seen from public relations marketing resume sample
  • Capable to do marketing through a lot of medias and platforms such as social media, electronic mails, promotion show, and many more
  • Take responsibility to leads, coach, and train the staff and team to produce best service
  • Capable to create regular meeting with certain platform to educate the team and members
  • Can build relations with developer to build and develop more area of promoting and doing marketing
  • Successfully capable and trustworthy to build important relationship to big vendors or partners
  • Can give mentoring and advise to the team and give suggestion for further steps projects


New York, IL

10/2011 – 01/2016

  • Join the marketing team and take a part as leading the team
  • Capable to do the work with reliable, loyalty, and professionalism
  • Expand the marketing through safe ways that follows the department policies and right procedures
  • Be responsible to drafting and selecting the components that will be used for projects or campaigns
  • Always doing the work passionately
  • Capable to do compiling and overseeing materials, agreements, and others that still in line with company’s procedures
  • Can handle various projects including wedding, catering, and travelling
  • Can maintain to keep all necessary information for projects
  • Can organize the events very well including handling the additional significant features
  • Can understand about website and networking, and know how to operate it well to build marketing



Indian Creek, FL

08/2007 – 05/2011

  • Have experience to work with Sales & marketing team
  • Can build corporate public relations with vendors and clients
  • Can develop the business relations and shift it to for more advantageous business purpose
  • Can expand the relationship between the company and the clients or vendors to get fair profits
  • Capable to execute the brands initiative
  • Work as spokesperson for company’s projects
  • Manage the meeting and do the schedule with Marketing Manager team
  • Capable to create international and local campaigns and promotion for project’s marketing
  • Able to create strong media marketing and build the relations at the same time
  • Get the responsibility of creating the innovative and creative marketing related to public relations ideas
  • Can develop and capable to build the prospective and positive relationship with partners and media plays
  • Can persuade and make significant deals with business partners


EDUCATION                       New York UNIVERSITY

                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Public Relations


  • Capable to talk and to write with various language including English, Japanese, German, and France
  • Capable to build communication skills
  • Having great interpersonal skills
  • Can build relations to clients very well
  • Can manage the relations building in a very good condition way
  • Have great ability about numeracy and analysis
  • Good intelligence, work with creative, and give best support
  • Capable to work in team and adapt very well
  • Can influence the clients, customers, or vendors and persuade them to business company or business purpose
  • Professional, work with honesty and optimism
  • Have open knowledge and do research before doing the job
  • Capable to do strategic thinking and social media play
  • Always learn to know how to build excellent relationship-building skills
  • Can do multi-tasking for work and capable to work under pressure


Public Relations Marketing resume sample



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