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Quit claim deed is a kind of document which states that someone gives up his or her interest in a real property. This document gives a little protection to that person who receives the interest. Here, we will learn more about quit claim deed form.


How to Write a Quit Claim Deed Form

This document is also well known as non-warranty deed form. To create this document, there are some details you need to include. First of all, you have to describe the detailed location of the property. Make sure that both property and location are legal.

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After that, you need to provide the information of contact for both the grantor and the grantee. The contact information may include the phone numbers, email addresses, home address, or any other supporting contact information.

Then, you have to state it clearly about the area of the property. You must explain if the property is located in an incorporated area or in an unincorporated area. This information is very important so that you cannot miss it.

Next, it is important to state about the marital status for both the grantor and the grantee. Marital status is divided into some categories such as single, married, and divorced. If needed, the document related to the marital status can be added.

In the quitclaim form you make, you have to state everything clearly including where this document or form is going to be signed as well as notarized. So, you have to plan it properly before you start writing this document.

The next information that must be included is about the date of the transfer. It must be clear when the transfer is going to take place. State it as detailed as possible. If needed, you can also state the specific time of the transfer.

This form should also include the information if the transfer is exempt from the taxes state or not. In fact, different countries may have different laws related to the taxes. It depends on the country where you live.

Sometimes, some money has been transferred. If there is some money being transferred, it should be stated clearly. You have to state the amount of the money transferred. If there is not, you can skip it and continue providing the other information.

This document should also state clearly if the grantor would like to retain mineral, gas, and / or oil rights. Yes or not, you have to state it so that there is no question arises later. The more detailed the document, the better it is.

In addition, it should also be explained clearly whether the grantor will process part or all of the property. For example, the grantor will live the house, the grantor will rent the house, or the grantor will sell it in the future.

Last, where the original recorded deed will be sent should also be included. After all the information above is provided, now this quit claim deed form must be signed. Without signature, this document is not valid.



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