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Recipe Card Templates


Over the centuries, recipes were passed down from generation to generation orally. Gradually, people began to become more literate, thus documenting their recipes in writing. The recipe card was born.

The popularity of cooking recipes began in the early 20th century. These recipes can easily be found in women’s magazines. Nutrition science is increasingly popular so that these women’s magazines are targeted at women, especially housewives who want “precision” in their dishes.

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Standardized recipes, subscriptions to recipes that were delivered directly to homes, were very popular in the 30s and 40s. These recipes are printed on thick cards and are branded together with the logo of a women’s magazine or a cooking magazine that sends the recipes to the homes of their customers. Nowadays, you can access various recipes online on your electronic device, be it a cellphone, tablet or PC.

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Today, printed recipes are still used; especially for documentation, or a homemade gift for someone special in your life. Cooking recipes can be printed beautifully in various themes, each of which can be passed down from generation to generation to future generations.


If you want to make your own recipe card, you can take advantage of the free recipe card templates that we provide on our site. The recipe cards are perfect for printing on card stock. There are several recipe card templates that are just forms. After you print, you can write your own recipe. This is easier when you have multiple recipes and are more comfortable with handwritten recipes. Recipe cards are compatible as a gift along with other gifts such as cooking utensils, handmade aprons, or oven mitts.


What SHOULD be in a recipe card template

1. Column to write the identity of the dish

The column contains the name of the dish, length of time to prepare, length of time to cook, and serving suggestions.

2. Column for writing ingredients

There should be a place to write down the ingredients because this is one of the two most important parts of a recipe.

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3. Column to write cooking steps

This is called the content of a recipe card. Give really clear and straightforward cooking instructions. For your convenience, use bullets or numbering.


What SHOULD NOT be in a recipe card template

1. Don’t include any of the five parts of a recipe

You need to know, each recipe consists of five elements: yield, list of ingredients and amounts, step by step directions for mixing and handling, equipment (container size and type), temperature and time. You can also include nutritional analysis as optional information. If you do not include one of the five main parts of a recipe, you have failed the recipe. So, avoid templates that don’t accommodate the fields to write those five things.

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2. Too much clutter

The design of a recipe card will indeed be more attractive if it is given supporting pictures. However, don’t let the illustration interfere with the contents of the recipe. Use the supporting images as needed and match the recipe card templates theme.

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Recipe Card Design Ideas

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