Recruiter Resume Sample

Recruiter resume sample job description is to evaluate job candidates. The recruiter will have the job to communicate with the sales team regarding the candidate’s skills. Besides that, one will have to manage the hired candidates, keep their potential in mind, and maintain relationship throughout the career. He also needs to be responsible of the communication between the candidate and the client.

Recruiter Resume Sample

Annalise Carlven

7809 Red Hawk Road, Saint Cloud, MN, Phone: +1 (320) 777 3422


                                                Saint Cloud, MN

                                                04/2015 – present

  • Hire professionals with great success in various industries, including the clean-tech and science ones
  • Train and lead the recruiting assistants along with their client management
  • Make training manual as a tool to train the chosen candidates about everything they need to know of employment
  • Get the candidates ready for interview with the hiring managers in a way of providing company’s detailed information
  • Have meetings with the managers to talk about business and the needs to do head count
  • Provide necessary information, great opportunities, and worthy benefits for the company


Mendota Heights, MN

10/2011 – 01/2015

  • Conduct presentations for the recruitment throughout the Northeast
  • Have employment package designed to find the ideal employees for the company
  • Keep online applicant tracking system well to cut down the time one has to spend to find the right job application
  • Make efficient advertising strategies to save the company 10% by administering certain amount of budget
  • Provide accurate service while considering the policies and procedures
  • Collaborate with Talent Management for internal key talent identification and management
  • Generate the need of reports and data for things, like special projects, proposals, and other information


Brooklyn Center, MN

02/2008 – 07/2011

  • Respond to phone calls while assisting the employees of the company from the front desk
  • Coordinate the schedules for the purpose of arranging management interviews
  • Issue the job advertisements and attract the applicants through the newsgroups and job sites
  • Make and present the candidate slates to the hiring managers, making their choice from that
  • Arrange various needs of the applicants, including the travel, lodging, and meals when necessary
  • Discuss applicants’ job requirements and qualifications and evaluate them with the managers
  • Interview the applicants and determine their qualifications the fill the vacant job position of the company


                                                Bachelor’s Degree of Business Management


  • Ability to work individually to interview the applicants and as team to discuss and evaluate them to find the most fitting choice
  • Excellent communication skills to find out about the applicant’s qualifications for the vacant job position, and fluency in English
  • Capability to do multitasking job and get the job done as scheduled by the company to be done every day
  • Good negotiation skills to bargain about the applicant’s salary, decide the final decision wisely, and make proper agreement with the applicant
  • Perceptiveness of the applicant’s qualifications to fill the role in the company


Recruiter Resume Sample

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