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Everything You Need to Know about Relationship Agreement Templates

After a marriage, of course you will live under the same roof. However, if you or your spouse decides to live not together, you may need a relationship agreement. It aims to grant that one of you will marry someone else. In this article, we will discuss further about relationship agreement templates.

Templates Cohabitation Agreement Sample


The Elements of Relationship Agreement

Before you make a relationship agreement template, you will have to understand about the elements. There are 4 elements you will need in making this agreement. The first agreement is transparency. It lets you know each other with transparency. So, there should be nothing to hide from your spouse.

The second element is communication. This is one of the most important things in a relationship. Even though you do not live together, communication will keep both of you believe in each other. Through communication, you can also decide something important.

Laying things on the table is the next element. If you want to be open about yourself, you should lay everything there. In fact, truth & honesty will go a long way. You can let your spouse know where you go, with who you meet, etc and vice versa.

The last element is sacred space. It is a good idea to sit aside time every week ad sit without distraction. Then, you can your spouse can talk about your relationship or maybe think of where it will go. You may decide to live separately for long time or just during your busy schedule.

Step by Step to Make a Relationship Agreement

After you know its elements, now you still need to know the steps in creating a relationship agreement letter. First of all, you will have to state the goals of the agreement. You have to mention the reason why you create this agreement.

Secondly, you should avoid including the painful pasts in the agreement. Both of you must commit to this. The pasts that are irrelevant to the goal or purpose should also not be included. It means, you should only focus on the purpose of this relationship agreement.

Thirdly, you will need to provide a provision about a disclosure. To avoid any misunderstanding, you have to be clear about everything. You must be honest each other. In this case, you have to make sure that there is no problem about existing debts, children from previous relationship, trouble with law, etc.

Lastly, you have to commit to spend time with your spouse. Even though you do not live at the same roof with your spouse, this agreement is very important to show your commitment to live with your spouse only, not any other person. If there is enough time to meet, you can spend hours together.

Templates General Relationship Agreement Sample Templates relationship agreement Sample 001 Templates relationship agreement Sample 002

That is all what you need to know about relationship agreement templates. There are many samples of this agreement. For example, you will create a cohabitation agreement, living together agreement, general relationship agreement, etc. Now, you can practice writing it based on your situation.

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