10+ Relocation Agreement Template Sample

Relocation Agreement Template Sample and Guideline

Job relocation often happens. Even more, the moving of the job is far away to a new state. Of course, there are many preparations for it. However, you cannot forget about a relocation agreement. In this article, we will talk further about a relocation agreement template.

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What to Include in a Relocation Agreement

Whether you get a new job offer or you will be relocated by your company, you will need a job relocation agreement. Sometimes, they will pay you for will expense of job relocation but sometimes a company will pay you for a flat amount of dollar to cover your expenses.

In relation to a job relocation agreement template, there are some things included in the package. The first is Home Finding. In this case, the expense relates to a trip to the new place to find the future home which is suitable for you. The trip may include transport & hotel costs.

Besides that, the costs of selling home & buying a new one should also be included in the relocation package. It will include the closing cost, real estate commission, and also other expenses that are usually incurred when selling or buying a house.

Then, in the relocation agreement, the package should include job search help, too. There are many cases where a relocation package includes job search assistance for your partner or your spouse. However, it is not always be like that. Some relocation packages do not include this in the agreement.

Still related to job relocation package, transportation must also be included. The company should reimburse the expenses of travel to the employees who will move to their new place. The transportation can be different depending on the new location such as via airplane, train or maybe automobile.

The next thing to be included in the package of job relocation is related to temporary housing. The cost of a hotel or temporary furnished rental housing for a period of time is commonly included. The fees of rent & utility are typically included in the job relocation package, too.

The next thing package to be included is about moving cost. It relates to the cost of moving truck & other related costs. So, if there are some other costs that relate to moving, it should be surely included. However, if there isn’t, what to be included is only about the moving truck cost.

The last thing to be included in the relocation agreement package is unpack or full pack. When a company recovers the expenses & logistics of the move fully, the movers will be sent in order to pack up your household goods & then transport them to the new house where they will unload or unpack.

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Now, you can practice writing a relocation agreement template. Relocation agreement may need a long negotiation. So, this cannot be made in a hurry. You can find many samples that can be downloaded and edit based on your need. Hopefully this can be a useful reference for you all.

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