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Reseller Agreement – Everything You Need to Know

Whether you are an individual merchant or a resale company, you will need a reseller agreement. It is needed when you purchase services or goods and then sell them in turn to other buyers. It is very important for any reseller. Therefore, in this article we will discuss about it further.

Templates Advertising Reseller Agreement Sample


Why Is a Reseller Agreement Needed?

A reseller agreement template seeks to authorize you for telling something you have legally purchased. It comes with terms & conditions, too. As we know, reselling commodities for profit can break your original agreement if there is no clause which allows for it.

Templates Equipment Reseller Agreement Sample


When Do You Need a Reseller Agreement?

This agreement can be defined as the usual business procedure for retailers to buy from wholesalers, partner agencies or suppliers. You have to know that you need it if you merely sell something on eBay or through a garage sale or a secondhand store.

Templates Mutual Reseller Agreement Sample

Besides that, this agreement will also be needed if you run a for-profit business of selling unused commodities. You need this agreement from the seller if you purchase in bulk. So, make sure that you really understand when you will need to create this kind of agreement.

Tips in Browsing a Reseller Agreement Template

If you want to browse a retailer agreement template, there are some things that you will have to keep in mind. First, you must pay attention to the relationship between the first seller and the end buyer. The example of the end buyer is your customer.

Templates Software Reseller Agreement Sample

Besides that, you also have to see whether the original seller will have obligations with the end buyer or not. One more, it also requires you to decide carefully as well as wisely whether you, as the reseller, will modify or bundle the commodity for redistribution or not.

After you consider these all, you should include them in the terms & conditions of the agreement. It is very important and useful to avoid the legal lash back from all sides of supply chain. With these considerations, your agreement will be effective and also give benefits for all parties.

How to Use a Reseller Agreement Template

For your information, every type of vendor agreement needs to provide the specific relationship between the product licensor or the wholesaler and the retailer or the reseller. Some retailers or distributors resell at a loss but some others raise the price to get profits.

If you are in a latter group, you can use a Value Added Reseller Agreement Template so that the licensor will understand the motive of your profits. Some agreement templates may cover your general situations. Therefore, you can freely choose, download and print them out easily and simply.

Templates Standard Reseller Agreement Sample Templates Value Added Reseller Agreement Sample

It is a good idea if you hire a lawyer in making the terms & conditions of the reseller agreement. It aims to ensure that your specific needs & considerations are met well. After that, you can edit it easily to reflect this based on your needed information and details.

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