What is a resignation letter due to relocation?

An employee that has to move out to a different place needs to resign from their current job. Therefore, it is highly suggested to prepare for a resignation letter due to relocation. It is the most appropriate way for both the employee and the agency to continue each other’s business smoothly and professionally. To get to know more about this letter, read the following paragraphs written below.

85 What is a resignation letter due to relocation

When to tell your boss you are relocating

Relocating could be either a sudden thing or a planned one. However, even though it is a sudden move-out, there must be days left before the d-day. As a result, ensure to inform the boss about the resignation due to relocation for around two weeks or more before quitting the job. It is considered to be a nice time to talk about your resignation and it provides you and the agency enough time to take care of the job before handing it to someone else.

The format sample of resignation letter due to relocation

The format sample of a resignation letter varies, it depends on the type of letter you are going to send, whether it is an electronic mail or the conventional one. Here is the format sample you may follow and adjust with your type of resignation letter.

  1. Letterhead

Letterhead is optional. For the conventional letter, you need to write down the letterhead that includes your identity, such as name, address, job title, and name of the company. The date of the letter along with the recipient’s identity is pretty similar to the sender’s identity you wrote before.

  1. Opening salutation

Begin the letter with a formal salutation. Dear Mr/Mrs (name of the supervisor) is a great example of a formal salutation.

  1. The body of the letter
  • The body of the letter usually consists of three paragraphs. It doesn’t have to be a very long letter yet it should be clear and brief enough to explain the date of the resignation and the reasons.
  • Before talking about the leaving, ensure to introduce yourself appropriately, and define the purpose of the letter with formal and polite language.
  • Last but not least, thank the manager for their consideration and include your contact information for the company to easily reach you before you leave the job.
  1. Closing salutation

Following the formal lettering format, the resignation letter due to relocating should be closed with a formal closing salutation, such as ‘Best Regards’, ‘Sincerely’ and many more.

  1. Name and signature

Below the closing salutation, write down your full name along with your job title and the company’s name. Then, put a signature for a valid mark.

Tips to write a resignation letter due to relocation

  1. It is suggested to talk first to the supervisor about your leaving. Afterward, you may prepare the resignation letter due to relocation and hand it over to the supervisor/manager.
  2. Maintain the letter to be brief and clear. Include only logical reasons to leave the job due to relocation. State the facts of your current situation without explaining too much in the letter.
  3. Before submitting the letter, have a final check or review of the letter to prevent grammatical errors or any other mistakes.


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