What is the Resignation letter to whom it may concern

If you need to resign from your job and want to go through the proper process but are not sure who to notify, you may want to write a resignation letter to interested parties. This is a type of resignation letter that is easy as well as general and is both formal and official. A good letter should cover your bases and confirm your resignation with your employer. Writing a polite and straightforward letter can even help increase your chances of receiving positive referrals.

Artikel 118. Resignation Letter to Whom it May Concern

Format and Content of Resignation letter to whom it may concern

A simple but formal resignation letter to someone who has an interest in the format is the best way to go. It should be brief; It’s less than a page but contains all the most important facts like your effective date of resignation and your contact details. You may also want to write down your reasons for quitting the job. In your closing paragraph, write a sincere thank you for the experience you had at work. Remember to always use correct spelling and grammar and write them on your official letterhead if you have one. You can mail the letter to the Human Resources department to get it on the desk of the person who will add it to your file.

Sample of Resignation Letter to whom it may concern

Writing a generic letter like this might leave you wondering how to get started. A resignation letter that might be of concern to this sample from a sender who quit his job and should provide you with some guidance. Employees will send a general letter to the company in the hope that it will be accepted by anyone who wants to see it. He is polite and sincere, but also concise and to the point throughout his letter.

How to make a Resignation letter to whom it may concern

Jeky Louw

567 Broadway Street

Suite 2

Los Angeles, LA 23455

Phone: (111) -111-1111


XYZ company

567 Main Street

Los Angeles, LA 23455

January 1, 2020

For attention:

My name is Jeky Louw and I have worked in the shipping department of XYZ Company for about 1 year. However, I am currently having a family incident and must resign from my job immediately. Please note today, January 1, 2020, as the date of my direct resignation from XYZ Company. Thank you for your understanding.

I apologize for the inconvenience my resignation may cause and hope this is not a problem. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the matter please call me at (111) -111-1111 or email me and I will try to reply to messages as soon as possible.

I enjoy working at XYZ Company and it’s a shame I have to resign at this time. I am grateful for the work experience that I can get. However, I am currently having a family incident and must resign from my job as soon as possible. I will of course miss my other department colleagues and wish them and the company continued success. I appreciate your patience as well as your cooperation with me at this time.


Jeky Louw


XYZ company



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