Respiratory Therapist Resume Sample

Respiratory Therapist job description is performs several list of works that related to medical such as bronchopulmonary drainage, monitoring the physiological responses and medical therapy, assisting the exercise for health, understand about medic subjects such as blood chemistry changes, arterial blood gases, capable to give medical treatment, technicians and assistant in a medic form, and others.

Respiratory Therapist Resume Template

Johnson Abbey

4011 Lues the Blue Road, Dededo, GU, 96913, Phone: +1 (671) 778-4409




Dededo, GU

09/2017 – present

  • Have excellent capability in performing variety assignments such as setting up the schedules, operating the treatments, and ensuring the storing respiratory with excellency as seen in respiratory therapy resume sample
  • Capable to work with different department and create clean and clear relationship with doctors and physicians to give best treatment for patients
  • Provide the arterial blood gases draws, artificial ventilations, and others with skillful handling
  • Set the standards under General Pediatric and Adult Care, Critical Care, and Medical Care for the office frameworks
  • Can assist and provide the procedures documents and any specific details related to the medical treatments, diagnostic, and patients’ condition
  • Capable to perform and evaluate the performance under healthy medical regulations and policy



Hattiesburg, MS

06/2013 – 08/2017

  • Working with therapist and physicians to give excellent care for patients especially those who have breathing trouble
  • Handling patients with chronic respiratory disease and know how to give required treatments for them
  • Understand about asthma, emphysema, and other respiratory problems and capable to do right diagnosis for patients
  • Provide fully care treatment for emergency condition happens to patients
  • Have ability to handle chronic disease situation with excellent interpersonal skills
  • Know how to give quick treatment for chronic medical cases like heart attacks, stroke, shock, and drowning
  • Present self-development in the framework



Rolla, MO

07/2008 – 05/2013

  • Can do and arrange the interview for patients and make a clear medical diagnosis
  • Have capability to examine the patients especially those with cardiopulmonary disorders and breathing problem
  • Have excellent understanding about medical treatment and capable to build communicative relations with physicians
  • Can do the consultation with physicians and decide about the right medical treatment for patients
  • Can perform about diagnostic tests and know how to measure the tasks
  • Can create the treatment plans that is suitable for patients
  • Can do assessment for patients with acute and chronic dysfunction carefully
  • Have responsibility to taking care the patients fully
  • Perform as vital members in the healthcare team and can build great teamwork and friendly atmosphere within the team




Bachelor’s Degree in Respiratory Therapist



  • Have excellent skills in the medical field
  • Have great interpersonal skills and capable to build excellent communication skills with people
  • Understand about technology and know how to operate it
  • Understand about medical tools and know how to use it under safety regulations
  • Capable to provide critical thinking
  • Can face different problems and know how to solve it with brief ideas
  • Have excellent problem-solving skills
  • Works with dedication, patience, passionate, and empathy
  • Capable to work independently and works as team
  • Have skills to build great relationship and communication within team
  • Works with details and capable to do the administrative documents for the frameworks



Respiratory Therapist Resume Template


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