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Ideally, the restaurant menu is in line with the restaurant’s theme. The menu should contain a balance between the favorite menu and the unique menu that only exists in the restaurant. So restaurant menus have a double selling point; can hook those who like certain dishes as well as those who want to taste different dishes than others. For example, if you have a burger restaurant, you want to offer a basic menu of burgers, an American cheeseburger (old favorite), and a unique menu such as a burger with cheese topping smeared with pepper like those commonly found in Mexican restaurants.

Restaurant Menu in psd design

Here are some things you can consider when creating a restaurant menu:

1. Check the menu offered by competitors

Pay attention to the menus offered by restaurants which are located approximately 10 minutes from your restaurant. These restaurants are your competitors. Assess several things related to competitors including price, theme, and type of food. After that, design a food menu that has a chance to win the competition with them. Consider offering an interesting menu that they don’t have.

2. Don’t offer too many menus

Offering too many menus will only hurt the supply of raw materials in your kitchen. Instead, offer a number of menus that are menageable for your restaurant. Consider the cooking utensils you have; is it enough to make several dishes at once or not.

Restaurant Menu psd templates

Too many menus will also confuse your customers. In fact, it can stress them unconsciously. We recommend that you offer no more than eight menus in each of your restaurant menu categories.

3. Use psychological tricks

Place the most expensive and prestigious menu at the very top or center. Consumers will glance at the menu and immediately direct their eyes to the menu below, whatever it is. And if the menu is cheaper, they will tend to choose the menu. This can be an effective way to push the menu you want.

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Don’t put the menu that you want to push on the back because the back of a menu is rarely seen by consumers. Sometimes, they don’t even see it at all. The same is the case at the bottom left of the menu on the left. This place is perfect for a kid’s meal.

Use yellow to attract consumers’ attention. Also use red which has been proven to make someone feel hungry. Avoid using blue because it can make a person calm, making consumers choose the menu longer.

4. Divide the menu into logical sections

Make it easier for consumers to choose their menu by arranging items into logical sections such as appetizers, main courses, and desserts.

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5. Don’t use too many photos

Food photos on menus are often associated with complementing junk-food / mid-end, not high-end restaurant menus. If you decide to use photos to illustrate a food menu, use photos of a very professional quality. This may spend the budget making your restaurant menu.

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6. Consider using illustrations in place of photos

Instead of photos, use illustrations that are more universally appealing. Illustrations will also further reinforce the theme and personality of your restaurant.

We provide free restaurant menu templates for you to download, modify, and print, including:

  • Free Italian Restaurant Menu Templates
  • Free Minimalistic Restaurant Menu Templates
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  • And many more!

Restaurant Menu templates psd

Restaurant Menu Ideas

Restaurant Menu psd templates

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Restaurant Menu in photoshop

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