2+ Restaurant Receipt Template Printable

Restaurant Receipt Template Format

If you have a restaurant, you have to understand about various receipt templates related to your business of restaurant. One of them is restaurant receipt template. It is a receipt given to anyone who has dining at the restaurant after finishing the meal. Here, we will discuss how to make it.

Sample Restaurant Receipt Word Templates


How to Write a Restaurant Receipt Template

First of all, you have to provide the information of the restaurant. You can begin with the name of the restaurant at the top of the restaurant receipt form. Under it, this should be the restaurant’s address. Then, you can add other details such as telephone, email address and social media.

Sample Restaurant Receipts Templates

Secondly, you should provide the information details of the restaurant services. You can start with the name of the server. Then, the receipt should also include the table number and receipt number. For the time, it should be detailed. You should include the date and specific time of the service.

Then, you need to include the items, too. To include the items, it is better if you present it in form of a table. Here, you should create some headers on the table. From the leftmost column, it can be Quantity (Qty). The next header should be the List of Items. The last one is Cost or Price.

If your restaurant serves foods and liquors, you can present the information of the items like this. Create a table with 2 headers. The first is Category where you break down the items into Food and Liquor. The right column should be for Cost. Fulfill the cost of each food and liquor.

In this restaurant invoice template, you should also provide the subtotal of the price or cost. If there is any other additional cost, you must include it. For example is tax. Different restaurants may have different percentages of tax. Then, sum up the all costs to get the total due of the cost.

Sometimes, you need to include gratuity of the server. However, sometimes it does not need to be included. Once you fill up the template completely, the last step is to sign off the template. The signature makes this restaurant receipt valid so that you cannot miss out this section.

At the end, do not forget to write down the name of the customer or guest. To know the guest’s name, you should ask it first when he or she ordered. It is a good idea if you include thanks giving. You can simply write “Thanks for joining us at (the name of the restaurant).”

If your restaurant has website and social media, it is very important to invite the guest to visit it. For example, you can write “Visit us on (the website address)”. Or you can say on the restaurant receipt “Connect us on (the social media such as Twitter, Facebook, etc)”.

Last, you can give a hope that the guest will come back again in the future. For example, the restaurant receipt template should write “Please come back again”. All these make the receipt template more polite.

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