Retail Assistant Manager

Retail Assistant Manager job description is a position that support the manager and work to assist on the daily operations in a retail store. This position is close to as a supervise employees that works with customers and help them to carry out the services by the manager and the head’s direction.

Retail Assistant Manager

Ellis Hughens

3488 Jersey Croft, Salt Lake City, UT, 84101, Phone: +1 (385) 766-5528



                                                St. George, UT

                                                01/2017 – present

  • Have great quality, intelligence, capability to run the task and capable to make Retail assistant manager resume sample
  • An expert approved by doing a lot of projects, programs, tasks that related to retails and sales
  • Can diverse problems and find the solutions
  • Assist the team to work under regulations, on-time, and in details
  • Being responsible to work and supervise the sales staff
  • Always checking and the sales store’s update and create targets in regular time
  • Responsible to work and achieve the targets successfully
  • Capable to work and solve problems that happen to customers
  • Manage to create the shifts schedules, write the regular sales reports and check the displays
  • Being responsible to give recruitment and training for new residents and staff
  • Managing and maintaining the work budget in-line with team operations and other financial
  • Give professional clinical treatments and medical record for patient



Rock Springs, WY

05/2011 – 09/2016

  • Can work competitively by giving excellent performance
  • Can work diligently and cooperatively with team
  • Handling certain responsibility such as checking the products’ statues, checking the stocks, and create further plan to sell the products
  • Able to work with targets and achieve the targets
  • Have well packed experience in retailing markets and how to run and work with it
  • Do the setting sales goals and achieve the set by working hard
  • Being responsible to assist, monitor, and give suggestion for other members in team
  • Capable to work and analyze the data of the retail sales
  • Capable to create training programs that can help to develop the staff or team’s member experience
  • Develop the programs that helps for training that is provided regularly



Cheyenne, WY

06/2008 – 02/2011

  • Responsible to supervising sales of the retails
  • Help the manager to control the retails stocks and incomes
  • Able to give best performance for retail’s sales to achieve the targets properly
  • Help the manager to handle the customers complaint
  • Capable to work with a lot of people with various personality and behaviors
  • Able to handle and give solutions for customers
  • Being responsible to create the scheduling shifts for the member’s team of the store
  • Regularly doing the checking products displays and other stuff in store
  • Fully capable to make sales reports on-time and in details
  • Can work based on shifts and lead the team members to work together
  • Capable to create reports that related to stock sales, current products, latest income and more about the retail stores



                                                Bachelor’s Degree in Department Management



  • Have great personality and able to work under pressure
  • Can cooperate and work with individuals, two or more, and in team by still giving best performance
  • Can connect and create great networking relations
  • Can do multi-task and work on – time
  • Can manage, handle, and control all of the stuff that related to retail products fast
  • Can work quickly and in effective – efficient movements
  • Have great intelligence and easy to understand new information
  • Quick learner person
  • Can do great observation and take care things in details
  • Can do problem solving in a quick time
  • Able to put best service for customers and provide complete satisfaction


Retail Assistant Manager

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