Retirement Letter of Appreciation

Losing your best employees and know that they retire for good might cause a little bit of saddening vibe around the company. In some cases, these employees have had a huge impact towards the company and the connection it has shared towards the other companies.  Having a splendid asset such as that one will not be easy to obtain for some time. Nevertheless, if you need to see them off properly, a retirement letter of appreciation will do the trick.

148.Retirement Letter of Appreciation

What is a Retirement Letter of Appreciation?

A retirement letter of appreciation is a letter that abundantly express a boss or the head of the company’s acknowledgement to the retiree. Written properly, this letter will serve as a good goodbye note to an employee who seek to retire. As for the formality, this letter is not usually strict with its formality. So, writing it informally will still do fine.

How Should the Company Acknowledge an Employee’s Retirement?

In the content of the retirement letter of appreciation, you might say your biggest hope for their upcoming peaceful life ahead of them. You can also mention several contributions they have bestowed on your company. Last but not least, an expression of regret might be included which signals that you will be missed.

How do I Write a Meaningful Retirement Letter of Appreciation?

It is understandable to be in a dire situation writing a goodbye note to your employees. But you should go for a suggestion on how to get started writing a retirement letter of appreciation. Reading the below list of helpful tips on how to start writing it.

  • Mention the retiree’s name and date they are leaving
  • Deliver a positive note
  • State some achievement of the retiree
  • Express your regret and wish

The Sample of a Retirement Letter of Appreciation

Looking at someone’s work is always a good start if you are puzzled when to begin writing the letter. What you need to is to read the sample down below and write it in your own version with some adjustment and improvement.

Dear Mr. Rick

It comes to my attention that your request for retirement has crossed my desk this morning. I acknowledge that your last day of employment will end on 21th October 2015. As much as I regret about your impending departure, I wish for you all the good things that may happen in a not-so-distant future. Your contribution for this company is off the chart and has brought our company to the top level.

It would make a long story if I name every single achievement you have achieved up until now. But I will mention one of the honorable one. During the year of 2013, you succeed in innovating a sophisticated method in creating a friendly User Interface (UI) on our company app. That app continued giving us many advantages, including raising our revenue.

I believe some of your co-workers will feel lost if they hear about this unexpected request. They love your commitment in bringing this company to the top and your virtue in bringing all of the workers together.

I could not say anything anymore besides a warm goodbye and wish you all the best things. Regarding the details of your send-off, we will notify you shortly if necessary.

Thank you for your effort and time

Sincerely Yours,


Duane Grimes


Those are all the tips that you can put to good use when you feel the need to write an appreciation letter for your employee.

A retirement letter of appreciation is truly suited for your need in case you want to properly say a goodbye to your employee.


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