What is a Retirement Letter to Employer

Retirement is a reward for years of dedication. Some love this stage of life, while others find it difficult to let go. A well-written retirement letter for your employer is the first step towards closing the door of existing opportunities and opening up the next door of opportunity. Take the necessary time to write a professional, neat letter that adequately reflects your growth and development throughout your career.

Artikel 113. Retirement Letter to Employer

Content and Format of Retirement Letter to Employer

The contents of the letter will depend on your specific situation. Include a personal record of your experiences if the employee-employer relationship was positive. If the experience isn’t positive, generalize the content but maintain a professional and friendly tone. A retirement letter to employer format must include contact information, a statement of your intention to retire, and an effective date. Where possible, include positive information and personal thanks in the body of the letter.

How to Make a Retirement Letter to Employer

Dear Mr. Kelly,

I am writing to inform you that I will be leaving my position as the Marketing Communications Director. My last day with the company was October 1, 2020. After careful thought, I decided to retire. My career in this industry spans 45 years, and even though I enjoy it, I feel it is time to start checking things off my wish list.

The decision to leave the company is not an easy one. My time at XYZ Services has been very rewarding both professionally and personally. I remember the first day at the company for a college internship. I know you realized at the time I had no intention of staying with such a young and growing company. You do, however, inspire me to see the big picture. And, here we are, 45 years later, becoming a force in national and international markets. I would like to think that my creative marketing is contributing to the growth of our business, along with your guidance and bold, visionary corporate leadership.

I noticed I vacated my position during a very busy time for the organization. Unfortunately, I could not delay going out due to personal obligations. However, I believe you have an in-house solution for my vacancies. Reddy Young, a marketing manager in my division, has the skills and abilities needed to succeed as a Marketing Communications Director. I would like to discuss this option with you directly.

I will help during the transition phase in any way I can. Feel free to call me on my cell phone at (111) -111-1111. In my email, over the next two weeks, I will work with my team to ensure all work is completed according to the high standards of quality of XYZ Service. Again, I have had the pleasure of working with you and for you over the years. I wish you the best of luck and the continued success of this wonderful organization.



Mrs. Shenna Hillary

Marketing Communications Director

XYZ Services, Inc.



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