What does the RN resignation letter mean?

RN resignation letter is specifically used for nurses to ask for resignation. Similar to any other type of job, when an employee decides to leave the job then it is the most appropriate action to send in a resignation letter to the employer/manager/supervisor. To find out more about this letter, you may check out the paragraphs below.

131 What does the RN resignation letter mean

Why do you need to create an RN resignation letter?

Submitting a resignation letter before leaving the job is the most appropriate thing to do. Moreover, if you submit the letter earlier, such as two weeks or a month before, it will give more time for the company to prepare for the transition, whether to hand out your tasks to the other employee or to hire another employee to fulfill your position. Most importantly, it would be a great idea to assist the company with the transition matters before leaving the job.

What to do before submitting an RN resignation letter?

Before deciding to submit an RN resignation letter, you need to think again about your decision to leave the job. If you think that leaving is the best thing to do, then be sure to explain the reason for the RN resignation letter. Write down in formal and polite language. Also, ensure to submit the letter two weeks or a month before the resignation date. Moreover, if the company has its regulations for resignation, it is better to follow the company’s procedure.

Things to include in an RN resignation letter

While writing the RN resignation letter, there are several important things you should include in the letter. For those who experience writing this kind of letter for the first time, you may take a look at the simple guide written below.

  1. Contact information

Write a proper RN resignation letter by following the formal letter formatting. Thus, you need to provide your contact information at the beginning of the letter. Besides, don’t forget to attach the current date when you write the letter. Then, address the letter properly to the employer or supervisor by writing down the name of the supervisor, the agency’s name, and address.

  1. The objective of the letter

After you open the letter with a formal salutation, explain the intention of the letter in the first paragraph. While explaining, don’t forget to introduce yourself by stating your full name, job title, and the company’s name. Then, briefly inform the supervisor/employer that you are going to leave the job due to certain reasons.

  1. Describe the reason for the resignation

Briefly explain the reason you leave the job. It could be because of health issues, family matters, moving out, career change, and many more. Ensure to use formal and polite language while explaining the reason for leaving the job.

  1. The effective date of resignation

Inform the employer/supervisor about the date of the resignation. Here, it is suggested that you have talked and discussed first with the employer/supervisor about the effective date of resignation.

  1. Closing

To close the letter, deliver a thank you statement to show respect to the agency. Maintain a nice and professional relationship with the company you are leaving.




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