Safety Leader Resume Sample

Safety leader resume sample is one of the interesting job position becuase this job has responsibile widely vary. This job can participate in everything from instruction safety courses to make the safety manual for a company. Therefore, it is important for you to have related experience to this job. The duties for this job will show the overseeing operation of the safety department and its employees. Besides, the job also can conduct the risk assessment and continuing surveillance of all construction sites. The related education for this job is also required because it will help you to understand the duties. If you want to apply for the job, it is also interesting for you to read the resume sample because it will lead you to write the proper resume. If you are confused, the following sample can be your best choice to help you in writing the good resume.

Michael L. Volkman

8547 Markus Spring, New York, NY Phone: +1 (555) 573 9084


Experience                                         Senior Health and Safety Leader, Philadelphia

09/ 2016 – present

  • Supervise and convince that there is an efficient return to work management procedure in place for post work related illness
  • Work together in the HSE and S COE in the driving advance companywide safety action
  • Providing the support to other LOB HSE directors to convince a evidence of HSE coaching for all Jacobs staffs under the dispatch and ready for third party review
  • Leading by sample and also partner with other HSE (LOB) Directors in that geography to send maintained and advanced safety action
  • Serves assurance to the HSE &S COE that LOB risks are being managed efficiently
  • Promoting the BeyondZero Global Safety Award program and to be familiar with and reward positive safety performance
  • Applies the training and safety program by using power point presentation and videos leading to improve safety awareness and decrease injury costs

Safety Leader, Philadelphia

01/ 2010 – 09/ 2015

  • Did as a safety advisor to management and counselor to the line organization and work closely with union leadership and all levels of organization
  • Helped in establishing vision, objectives, and aims for safety performance and helped in advancing quality metrics to drive performance improvement
  • Conducted plant OSHA Log, helped work comp carrier and department on incident investigation, back to work program, and many more
  • Increase and implement key performance indicator, leading to track the achievement of the site’s safety program
  • Guide the site process Safety Management observance program and execute or support as necessary
  • Increase, improve and implement organizational wide safety standard or programs, convince the standard meet regulatory conformity and corporate leading
  • Conducted the coaching for all staffs meeting state and federal needs
  • Wrote the policies and dealings eliminating unsafe work practices

Education                                            State University of Chicago

Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Medicine


  • Work together with the greater company to leverage advancement and learning
  • Take part in root cause investigation and follow up action as well as initiates and reviews MOCs as a subject matter
  • Successfully whole all dispenses coaching
  • Take action to resolve gaps between action and assessment

Safety Leader Resume Sample

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