10+ Printable Sales Receipt Template

How to Make a Sales Receipt Template

Sometimes, you are asked make a sales receipt template for your company. It may feel confusing if this is the first time you have to make it. However, you do not need to worry because we have the detailed guidelines how to write it properly.

Sample Business Sale Receipt Templates


How to Write a Sales Receipt Template

Sales receipt form is a form used to record a credit to an account associated with a service or product sale. This is often used in restaurants and the form of parking slip. Generally, it is used when full settlement for an itemized sales transaction goes through.

Sample Food Market Sales Receipt Templates

Writing a sales receipt depend on your purpose. However, you have to know the proper format. There are some kinds of information that you have to provide in the template. They are at least company’s information, company’s logo, contact details, sale date, item names & other details.

The first is the information of the company. You can begin with the name of the company first. Besides the company’s name, you also need to provide the address of the company. If needed, you can also include the company’s telephone number for additional information.

The second is company’s logo. In fact, every company has its own logo and logo creates the first impression. Considering the importance of company’s logo, you cannot miss it out. The company’s logo should also be place at the top of the template.

The third is details of contact. Basically, details of contact must include at least 2 components. They are name and address. So, you cannot get rid of these components. However, it will be better if you add other details in the sales receipt document such as telephone, website, email address, etc.

The next is sale date. It is a must that the date of sale is included in the sales receipt. So, you have to remember the date of the sale. If needed, you can note it. The date of the sale should also be placed at the top of the template before or after the name & address of the company.

For the next sections, you still need to include other details. Related to the items, you have to list down the names of item wholly. It depends on the items that are sold. Sometimes, there is more than one item to be sold and you have to include them all in the template of sales receipt.

You cannot only list down the names of items. However, you also need to describe them more. Therefore, other details need to be included. For example, you can state the price of each item. Besides that, it is also important to state the amount. At the end, sum up to get the total.

Sales receipt template is undoubtedly very important. It helps a company to keep a record of any transaction. Besides, it also comes in handy for any governmental need such as tax filing. Then, it gives a clear idea to customers about the service or product details, too.


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