Sample Business Bill of Sale

Sample Business Bill of Sale Template

Business bill of sale can be defined as a legal document which recognizes the sale & change of business ownership & its assets. It sets the terms of sale, details the key information of both parties, & acts as a final transaction key record. Now, let’s see the following sample business bill of sale.

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How to Write a Sample Business Bill of Sale

Business bill of sale sample is needed when a business is sold. It functions as a proof of ownership for registration processes. If it is not used, the legality will be questioned. To create the proper template, you need to fill out the following required information below.

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First of all, you have to provide the date of sale. It should be at the top before providing any other details. However, you cannot forget to make the title first. Date of sale is the date when the business is sold or when the business sale transaction happened.

After that, what to be included is the information of the buyer or the new business owner. You can start stating the buyer’s or new business owner’s legal name followed with his or her address. You are also allowed to add any other information of the buyer.

Then, include the information of the seller or previous business owner, too. Basically, you have to provide at least the buyer’s or previous business owner’s legal name as well as address. But adding other details is also allowed.

In the business bill of sale template, you also must describe the business itself in detailed. You can start with the name of business. Then, it can be followed with other details such as the incorporation state, business’s address, assets, personal property, shares, & other interests.

The next thing to be included is the price of purchase. It depends on the agreement between the seller & buyer. This must be included to prevent any possible issue in the future related to the business sale.

Next, you should include the date of transaction. It is the exact date when the money is transferred. If the buyer paid it in cash, it means this is the date when the buyer gave the cash to the seller. It is also same if the buyer used other payment methods.

Once you completely fill out the form, it must be signed off. First, let the buyer and seller sign it off. Do not forget to include the date. Then, provide the witness’s name, signature & date. Sometimes, it requires an acknowledgement certificate from a public notary.

The sample of business bill of sale depends on the type of the business itself. In fact, there are various types of business that can be sold. For example, it can be rent business, education business, property business, etc.

After paying attention to this sample business bill of sale, now you can practice writing your own business bill of sale. Hopefully this will be a useful guide and reference for anyone who needs to make this such template.


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