Sample Film Movie Budget

If you want to make a film, you have to plan the budget properly so that you do not spend too much money for it. Creating a budget for film movie project should be done carefully because it belongs to a big project. So, you may need to pay attention to the following sample film movie budget.

How to Write a Sample Film Movie Budget

Here, we will guide you to make a budget sample for film movie. There is a format of template you need to know. First of all, of course you should make a title. The title can simply say Film Movie Budget. You can also add the title of the film movie to make it more specific.

commercial film budget template

After you make the title, you need to provide some basic information. You can start with the title of the movie or film. After that, you also need to state the name of the film production. The next information you should present at the top is about production number.

Then, you cannot forget to provide the information about budget drafted date. One more, the basic information should include scheduled date. After you present all these information, now you can start providing the budget for the film or movie you will produce.

Budget template should present income and film expenses. Usually, the template is begun with the income. Here, you need to state all sources of income. For example, the income comes from sponsors, donators, and profits. So, state them all including the amount of money for each of them.

Next, you have to calculate them all. Sum up the amount of the whole income and state the amount of the total income. If there is only one source of income, you just need to write the same amount of the income at the total income. However, usually there are more than one source of income.

Now, you should state the film expenses. This is the most important part because there are many expenses in producing a film. So, you have to be careful. Here, you can make a table with some columns. The columns can be filled with Category, Budget, Actual and Variance.

There are many possible categories of film expenses. Some of the examples are such as pre-production, story writer, director, assistant director, screen play writer, cast & crew, music director, art department, artist makeup and choreographer. You may also add some other possible expenses.

The categories of film expenses depend on the film movie you want to make. Your film movie may have more or less categories of film expenses. After you list them all, now you should fulfill the next columns for each category of the film expenses carefully and rightly.

Lastly, you should calculate all the film expenses from all categories you mention before. From here, you will know whether the budget remains or not. A good plan of film movie budget must remain positive. Hopefully this sample film movie budget can be a useful reference.


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