10+ Sample Gun Bill of Sale

Step by Step How to Make a Sample Gun Bill of Sale

Gun bill of sale can be defined as a legal document of sales used to execute the sale of a gun. This becomes a very important record needed in private transactions of gun. It provides some details of information related to the gun sales. Anyway, let’s see the following sample gun bill of sale below.

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How to Write a Sample Gun Bill of Sale

The most important thing is writing a gun bill of sale template is to know the right format. In fact, this bill of sale is different from other types of bill of sale. First of all, you have to make a title. For example, you can simply write “Firearm Bill of Sale” at the top of the template.

Sample Gun Bill of Sale Private Party Templates

There are some sections provided on this bill of sale. The first section is for the parties. Here, you have to provide the details of both parties. Start from the seller, you need to include the seller’s full legal name, driver’s license number, address, city, and state.

You also need to provide the same details for the buyer. State the full legal name of the buyer, followed with his or her driver’s license number, complete address, city and also state. Therefore, it is clear who becomes a seller and who becomes a buyer.

The next section to be provided on the gun bill of sale form is Trade / Purchase Price. In this section, you have to state that the seller receives amount of money. Then, state the date of bill in detailed. You also have to state the due date of the future payment or any other important information.

Last, both parties have to sign a disclosure of each. On the bill of sale, you have to provide the buyer’s disclosure first. Here, the buyer declares that the statements mentioned below are true. Then, you have to dedicate a space for the buyer to sign it off.

After that, you have to provide the seller’s disclosure, too. Here, the seller declares that the statements listed below are true. Then, let the seller to sign off on the available space provided in this section.

At the end, there is signature area. It is an area for the signatures of the seller, the buyer and witnesses. It should begin with the seller’s signature & printed name, followed with the buyer’s signature & printed name. The next is witness 1 & witness 2’s signatures and printed names.

Here, there are 2 witnesses who should sign off the form. They are required to verify the signatures of the buyer & the seller. One more, a bill of sale also must include a Acknowledgement of Notary Public.

It happens if he/she notarizes the signatures of both buyer & seller. A notary public is able to provide the credentials as well as seal that are needed to complete the process of notarization. Hopefully this sample gun bill of sale will be a useful reference for you all.


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