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How to Make a Professional Sample Money Receipt

Money receipt is a kind of written document which records monetary trade-in transaction between a dealer and a client. A money receipt must include important and needed data like payment of bills, loan, rent, purchase, etc. Anyway, you may need to pay attention to this sample money receipt.

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How to Write a Sample Money Receipt

Actually, a money receipt template is simple and not as complex as you imagine. However, you have to know what to include onto the receipt. There are some required details of information that a money receipt must have and you cannot miss them out. Here they are.

Sample Money Donation Receipt 1 Templates

The first data you have to serve on the money receipt is the date when the client paid money to you. The payment can be different from one case to another such as in cash, credit, debit, etc. Anyway, you have to include that payment date exactly. This information is very vital for the money receipt.

Besides that, it must be clear who paid you. Sometimes, a person who provided the payment is different from the client for some reasons. It does not matter. However, you have to state who made the payment. It is very important to check the money paid to the client.

Then, a money receipt form also needs to provide the amount of money paid. It is not enough if you only include the date of payment and who made the payment. That is why it must be clear how much money that was paid by the client or the customer.

On the template of money receipt, you also have to explain what the money paid is for. It depends on the business. In fact, money receipt is used in different businesses. Therefore, you have to explain the purpose of the payment in detailed and clearly.

For example, it is a rent receipt, contractor receipt, official receipt, sales receipt, acknowledgement receipt, meal money receipt, earnest money receipt, and there are still many others. You can describe it clearly that the money paid is for goods, services, deposit, medicines, or anything else.

Sometimes, the receiver of money is also different from the seller, goods provider, etc. That is why it is very important to state the person who received the money paid by the client. If needed, you do not only write the name but also his or her address, phone number, and any other detail of contact.

The money paid sometimes does not only relate to the products or services. However, it can include tax, discount, etc. So, if there is a tax, remaining balance, due, subtotal, or anything else, you cannot skip include them all and then calculate them to get the total amount of money to be paid.

If you want to make a professional money receipt, you may need to use a pre-made receipt template. However, you also have to pay attention and understand this sample money receipt, too. If you have understood everything, now you can write your own money receipt.


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