Sample Rental Receipt Template

Free Sample Rental Receipt Template

Rental receipt can be defined as a document providing a proof that a tenant has paid rent. It can be in form of paper or digital one. It is usually used by property managers and landlords to keep a track of who has paid rents. Therefore, this article will give you a sample rental receipt template.

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How to Write a Sample Rental Receipt Template

Using a rental receipt template is very important because a tenant will have a record of fulfilling terms of lease or contract agreement. Besides that, a landlord also cannot take a punitive action for rent payment failure if the tenant meets their obligation.

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There are some basic details of information that you need to provide on a rental receipt. First of all, you have to state the date you received the payment for rental. It is not always the due date of rental payment.

The second is the name of the tenant.  Make sure that you write his/her full name. If the rent is paid by someone else, you should note his or her name. It becomes the proof that that person paid the tenant’s rent.

The third is the address of the property. Here, you have to write the full address of the property rent in detailed, including the unit number. Therefore, you will easily be able to keep a track the unit paid.

The next thing to include is the amount of money paid. In this section, you need to write the exact amount of money that the tenant paid. It is the main reason why you need to create a rent receipt template.

Next, what you should include is the period the rent covers. For example, the rental period is one month or two weeks for a partial payment. It avoids the tenant to claim that they have paid longer periods.

A rental receipt also should describe the payment method. You have to state it clearly whether the tenant paid rent in cash, via credit/debit card, with money order, or any other payment method like check, PayPal, etc.

Balance due must also be provided on this rental receipt. It is the amount the tenant owes. Usually, it only applies for partial payments. Sometimes, this balance due is also used if a late fee is really outstanding.

You also cannot forget to provide the information of “Received by” on the template. It is the name of person who received the rental payment of the tenant. Usually, it is the property manager or landlord. You must include his or her company name and phone number too.

Signature is one of the most important things in writing a rental receipt. In this case, the property manager or landlord has to sign off the receipt template. Under the signature is his or her printed name.

A sample rental receipt template also sometimes adds some notes. It can be any related information. For example, you can note when the tenant will pay off the remaining balance. If there is nothing, you can leave it blank.


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