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Step by Step How to Make a Sample Service Receipt Template

A service business has to be able to satisfy the customers. One thing that you cannot forget is a service receipt. However, you may still be unfamiliar with it. Therefore, in this article we will give you a sample service receipt and the step by step how to write your own.

Sample Computer Service Receipt Word 1 Templates


How to Write a Sample Service Receipt

There are some steps that you have to follow in writing a service receipt template. First of all, you have to decide how you will create the receipt template. For example, you can consider using Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, or any other program of computer.

Sample Hourly Service Receipt Word 1 Templates

After that, you have to mark the receipt clearly. Make sure that your customers understand if it is a service receipt. Therefore, you have to make a title such as “Massage Service Receipt”, “Medical Receipt”, etc. You can also mark it with receipt number.

Then, what next to do is to provide the details of the company. You can start with the name of the company. Then, it can be followed with the address and also contact details of the company such as phone number, website, email, etc.

Still related to the company’s information, you also must include the name & address of your customer’s company. It may include the contact’s name. Therefore, the service receipt reaches the right person. On more, you also must include your company’s registration number if any.

Next, a service invoice template also requires you to include the services you charge for. This should not be long but it must be rather detailed. So, the customers will understand what are they pay for. Here, you have to describe each service provided.

In writing a service receipt, you cannot forget adding the dates. There are 2 kinds of date you have to provide. The first is the date when the services are provided. The second is the date when the service receipt is made. Sometimes, the receipt is made in different date from the services provided.

You also need to add up the cash or money owed. You cannot only include the costs of services but you have to put the total amount, too. If you give any discount, you also have to include it. If capable, you can also include VAT amount.

The payment terms should also be mentioned. This agreement must be reached with your customer beforehand. Anyway, you still need to include it on the service receipt. Therefore, you can remind the customers if you want to be paid in certain numbers of day.

The format of service receipt can be different from one to another. Anyway, the basic information above must be included. If there is any other important information to be mentioned, you can also add it.

That is all the sample service receipt we share to you. Hopefully this can be a useful reference for you who want to write a service receipt for your own business. Now, you can practice it by following the step by step above.


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