10+ Sample Vacation Rental Agreement Template

Sample Vacation Rental Agreement Template is a letter form that talks about rental agreement but in more specifically use in a vacation case. This letter is created when someone or people want to rent something that related to their vacation plan.

Usually, those who plan to do vacation will need several stuff to be prepared ahead. If you can drive with your own car, you probably do need to rent it. But, still you need to rend other particular stuff sometimes. Thus, this letter sample below will help you to create the letter.

This letter form will help you to write points that need to be delivered and manage it to be created well. Usually, a property that is rented out will have specific date or times. The duration can be lasted for days, weeks, months, or years depends on what the owner wants.

You will put the terms and the condition here along with the penalty or the clauses in the documents. If you still feel confuse of how to make it, you can start it by creating simple form first. The letter is formed in a simple way and you only need to follow it.

How to Create Good Sample Vacation Rental Agreement Template

To start your vacation rental agreement, you can write about the basic information that related to the agreement such as the fact that it is made in the certain state and the law rules on the agreement that you make.

You can point out the provisions that you will add in the form in the first statement to remind the tenants about what they will get and do. Also, you can underline that the signature signed in the document will automatically be the evidence of the deal agreement.

Then, the first thing that you need to write after explaining about the previous clauses is the name of the owner of the agent. It is important to write the name of the owner or the agent that offer the rental service in the package because it shows who will be responsible of it.

Then, put the name of the tenant’s name as well to underline who will rent the service. Then, on the next line describe that the owner will rent the property for vacation to the tenants and it will be referred as premises.

After that, put the additional description under it with following terms and the conditions. The premises that you need to mention is the address information along with the phone number. Then, put the additional premises description in the next point as well.

The terms mention about the arrival date of the tenants. Make sure, the tenants mention the date precisely and you put the data with P.M or A.M. You also need to write about the departure date of the tenant as well. The sample vacation rental agreement data talks about the financial terms then.

The financial terms consists of certain points. It present the description detail, the amount of money, and the due date. Those points that you need to put in the terms are security deposit, cleaning service, rent fee, pet fee if the tenant brings any of it.

Then, there will be NC & Local Sales Tax, and the total rent. You need to put the amount of the total rent plus taxes as well. Remember to put the reservation deposit note and the amount due on the arrival as well.

The last thing you need to prepare is mentioning that tenant give authorization to agent or owner for certain stuff such as to disburse the amount of the advance payment for the rent and mention about more specific stuff. This is simple Sample Vacation Rental Agreement Template you can make.


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