Sample Wedding Budget

Sample Wedding Budget – Free Example for PDF and Doc Format

Sample wedding budget is necessary especially if you want to arrange the plan better. Samples that are available here can help you to make an excellent budget for wedding. You can create it for Excel, PDF, or Document.

Easy To Edit Wedding Budget Template For Download

Making this budget help people to manage the wedding properly. Here, you can prioritize what items that needs to be handled in the first place. You can also set the budget for feature items that will be needed in the wedding.

Having this budget will help the process of the wedding schedule to be managed well. There are many samples that are provided for you. You can set up the template letter for the professional design one. However, if you just want to create a simple one, this may help.

What to Write in a Sample Wedding Budget

In order to make a good sample budget, a simple design for wedding consists of several categories. The first one is the ceremony. In the ceremony process, you will need to set the budget for the venue fee. This includes the place where you take the ceremony.

Editable Wedding Budget planner Free Download

Then, the register fee may also need. This is usually used if there is any registration fee for booking the venue. If you want to add a special choir, you need to add the fee as well. A budget for bands also exists.

After handling the ceremony side, you may want to manage the budget for the reception. The features that you add in the reception are food, beverages, cakes, favors, and the meal. Usually, there will be entertainment that is being held in the event.

All of the stuff that is mentioned before is included in the budget sample printable. Sometimes, if the wedding is last for night, then you can create an evening reception. In this time, you can prepare for the DJ or band for entertainment.

You can also set for the bar for dinner and prepare or the buffet. All of these need additional budget to run. Thus, after listing all of the points that you want to manage in the wedding event make sure that you point out several things regarding to the budget.

Things to Write in a Budget

When you have already set the budget that you pull out for the wedding, the next thing that you need to prepare is these four points. Those are the estimated cost, the actual cost, over or under spend, and the deposit paid. Each of the points has a different function.

Sample Wedding Worksheet PDF Download

The estimated cost is the estimation numbers that you have set or prepared for every aspect that is featured in the wedding event. The actual cost is the real cost that you get for each item you choose. The over or under spend is the number of the budget that may pass or less than the budget you set.

The last one is the deposit paid. In a business industry, this deposit is mostly used by many people. You can put the deposit information that you have done for the event here. After all of budgets have been set, then you can count for the total cost. This is how easy sample wedding budget is done.


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