Scholarship Appeal Letter and The Sample

Getting a scholarship is one of the blessings things that someone can have to help his financial issues regarding his education fee. Not all people have enough money to pay for education fees, so they decide to get scholarships. But how if the money that they get from financial aid scholarship is still not enough to cover all the needs regarding college? So, you should probably write a scholarship appeal letter to maintain that issue.

Artikel 78. Scholarship Appeal Letter and The Sample

What is The Scholarship Appeal Letter?

A scholarship appeal letter is a document that is used to inform the financial aid scholarship about your financial issue and ask for help regarding the scholarship fund that probably not meet your expectation, or probably there is a change in your financial and your family’s financial that cannot cover your college expenses.

What are Things That Should be Include in The Scholarship Appeal Letter?

There are main points that should be included in the scholarship appeal letter, such as:

  • Open the letter with a polite salutation
  • Mention the intention of writing the letter
  • Explain clearly the financial situation that makes you deserve more money from the scholarship
  • Thank the scholarship committee for their consideration and understanding
  • Write the letter using a polite and formal choice of words
  • Don’t forget to input your available contact information in the letter, so the scholarship committee can contact you back and give a response related to the appeal you utter

The Sample of Scholarship Appeal Letter

If you need an idea about how to write a scholarship appeal letter properly, so here we provide an example that hopefully can guide you in writing the letter.

This is the sample

To the Financial Aid Office at Edinburgh University

My name is Bella Edward and I am currently enrolled at Edinburgh University. First, I would like to say that I am grateful and much honored to have been admitted into this marvelous college, as the University of Edinburgh is my number one choice. Moreover, I also very thankful for the scholarship or tuition fee that I get from the college financial aid. But unfortunately, after my application was accepted, my family has experienced an extreme decrease in our financial situation.

Just a week after receiving my award information, my father lost his job, and he is the only source of income for our family after 20 years of working in Greenfield.Co, but due to the financial issue in his company, they should cut off the employees include my father. My mother is a housewife and starts to work as a part-time cashier in the supermarket, but unfortunately, the salary still not enough to cover my education expenses.

It is my sincere to attend college this summer. Your help and consideration are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your time in reviewing my scholarship appeal. If there is anything you want to ask further regarding this matter, please feel free to contact me at any time at 555-6766-9999 or mail me at I will respond immediately.

Best Regards,



Bella Edward

That is all about the scholarship appeal letter, may it help you to draft a letter properly to utter your request regarding your college expenses to the college financial aid. The letter should be written formally and politely.



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