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School Budget Template for PDF and Excel

School Budget Template is created to give a better vision design for people who want to know how to create a proper template for non-profit organization budget design. This sample will give you simple guide to create a good budget.

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You will know how to manage the finance and help to improve the plans that will look good for school. Making a budget for school needs to be taken care of carefully. Since it will relate with many things, you will need to consider about certain specific things before finalizing it.

How to Easily Create a School Budget Template

To start a good budget sample, firstly it is important to set what the form will be written for. As school has different degree, make sure that the form is created based on the school. An elementary school budget may be different with senior high school budget.

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Thus, it is important to set what template that you are going to make. To be a simple example, an elementary template consists with certain information. The simple template that is described here presents general data. Usually, it consists of school name and number.

Just like any other important document, a complete date needs to be mention in the form. After you have put this regular information, you can move to explain about the income for school and the budgets that you set as well as the expenditure that relates to it.

What to Write in the Budget

Previously, it is said that there are two points that is mostly added in a budget. First, it is an income and the next one is expenditure. Some topics that you can add into the income budget for school is a student fee. This is the most normal budget that almost all of the school will be given for.

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Then, there is book fair, uniform, and art fairs that will come along with the student’s budget. The last thing that is usually added is a donation. A school usually will give a space for donation. This will help the income of the school budget in the later.

In the expenditure, there are a lot more things to put. However, make sure that you have put management in the top of the list. Under management title, you can divide the number of the money through budget, actual cost, and variance.

Some of stuff that you can put here is teacher salary, book buying, canteen’s food, uniform if there is any additional need, vehicle maintenance for school vehicle, water supply, and many more. All of these are including in the budget template list.

After put all the data in the form, deciding the budget number is other task you have to do. Make sure that you have put the right number for each column. This kind of decision needs a time to think. It needs to be arranged carefully.

It is important that you put the nominal of the budget correctly. The estimation budget and the actual costs shouldn’t have too far range. A School Budget Template can be made in a creative design. Just take a look on the sample and you may find the best that you need.


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