10+ Important Basics of Reporting for You to Know Of in the Security Incident Report

What would you do if you see someone loitering around your property, stealing something, doing physical assault, murdering something or someone, doing suicide, etc? Of course, you will have to report them, right? Thus, you will have to learn about making security incident report on your own.

Speaking about this report, there are some important basics you will have to know about it. They would be important for the making of the report itself. So, let’s see those basics here so you know what has to be there in the report.

Security Incident Report Key Point 1

First, there has to be a mention of the person/s involved in the incident. It could be the culprit alone, but there might be victims or witnesses around as well. Everyone involved has to be written in the report. It will be important to investigate the case. The culprit can always disguise himself after all.

Next, you have to mention the details of the incident. It does not have to be long narrated. Just make sure not to miss any important details. This part of security report details is the most important one of all. Pay attention.

Security Incident Report Key Point 2

Then, you will need to outline why the incident could happen. What really happens might not be clear and we have to speculate on things. Quite often, this speculation can actually lead to the truth. Of course, it has to be based on the facts and proofs on the site. There are others to consider as well.

It would be none other than the witnesses’ alibi. Do interview them to find pieces of information related to the incident. From that, you can also tell which person is not suspicious and which one is not. It helps you outline the incident.

Security Incident Report Key Point 3

The time of the incident is one of the key points too. Sure, it is hard to speculate on the exact time of the incident. However, this incident report template would only need you to estimate the closest time of the incident. Unless there is CCTV witnessing it, this is what you will need to do to find it out.

It will be useful when speculating things too. By matching the time, place, proof, and witness’ alibi, you can conclude the case eventually. Things would be easier if the incident is captured by CCTV though for it tells almost everything.

Security Incident Report Key Point 4

As it was hinted before, witnesses play big role in investigation. They are the ones who saw the incident after all. Do take their words into account even though they didn’t exactly see the incident or happened to be around and see something related to it. That piece of information could help you.

Also, if any, it would be best to consider security camera footage as well. Today, many places have it set everywhere. Security incident report would be perfectly presented in written form with these key points. Don’t skip the details to do so.


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